Footwell lighting

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    Footwell lighting

    I'm looking at installing footwell lighting, and I want them to turn on when the doors open (act like the dome light). But I also am installing a switch to turn it on or off. I want it to act like the dome light but also be able to be turned on/off while the car is running without the dome light being on as well.

    My question is where would be the best place to wire this or tap it so they turn on with the dome light but are also able to be turned on or off independently of the dome light. I'm not much of an electrical person so idk if I'm describing this right or if it makes sense. Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated especially from those who may have done this. Thank you in advance!
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    not knowing where the wiring runs to/from the door switch to the dome light, you might have to start with one end or the other... adding a switch should be pretty simple after that

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