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  1. Kelebihan Kekurangan Oppo Find Muse R821

    by on Today at 11:32 PM
    Oppo Find Muse R821 merupakan smartphone terbaru buatan produsen asal china yang belum lama ini menginjakkan kakinya di Indonesia. Ponsel Oppo Find Muse R821 ini sudah telah dirilis pada tahun 2013 yang telah meramaikan dunia perteknologian khususnya dalam hal pengguna gadged.Ponsel Oppo Find Muse R821 adalah nama internasional yang tentunya sudah sangat berpengalaman sekali dibidangnya. ponsel Oppo Find Muse R821 ini cukup bisa menyapu mata para pengguna gadged karena berbagai keunggulan yang dimiliki. ...
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  2. Geordi confirms that the clocks

    by on Today at 11:59 AM
    The transporter lead comes up trumps and Geordi confirms that the clocks have been changed – but a security program has been placed there to prevent anyone noticing. Only he and Data could've managed such a feat, and when Data cannot adequately answer Picard's questions on the matter, he's sent for a diagnostic. ...
  3. The crew reasons that it may be a sensor

    by on Today at 11:31 AM
    When the crew awakes, Data tells them they were only out for around 30 seconds or so. As Crusher tends to the crew's minor injuries, she realises that her moss has grown a full day's worth. The Enterprise returns to the planet and their probe indicates that it's not actually M-Class anymore. The crew reasons that it may be a sensor glitch, so they leave. Meanwhile, Crusher brings her moss to the Captain (you have to see it to believe it, apparently) and Picard is at a loss to explain.
  4. Bolo Ram Bolo Ram Bolo RaM Ram Ram

  5. that broadcasts where a story will go

    by on Yesterday at 11:12 AM
    But trailers and previews aren’t the only things that can “spoil” a story. Sometimes, it’s not what the actors do on-screen that gives stuff away, but what they do off of it that broadcasts where a story will go. After all, if Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher sign on to do the next Star Wars movie, no one will be surprised if Han Solo and Leia Organa show up at some point in the film, right? ...
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