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auto climate control
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    There's a odor that is coming from the AC/fan unit and I think it is coming from something in the air ducts. Where does the car take in air for the cabin air AC/fan unit. I looked at the air filter in the glove box but it doesn't smell weird. Jeremy
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    OK, first I have to admit that I'm a doofus! Today, picked up a few goodies for a small party I'm hosting tonight. Hit the trunk release on my FOB to pop open the trunk. Tossed in my bags, and then hopped into the BRZ. Pushed the 'START' button, and... nada. Engine won't turn over...
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    When using the full auto button for the auto climate control, the A/C light comes on when I know it needs heat not cooling. Is that normal? Is that how yours all work? For example, it's 65 degrees in the car, I set the temprature at 75 degreed (just for example) and press the auto button...
1-3 of 3 Results