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brz production model
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    All credit goes to dorkidori from the toyobaru forums. I think it looks awesome so thought I'd share.
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  3. Subaru BRZ Pictures
    this Subaru BRZ is currently on it's way to the Montreal Auto Show that starts tomorrow :D
  4. Subaru BRZ Videos
    Came across this video of a Silver Subaru BRZ cruising a race track in Japan.
  5. Subaru BRZ Pictures
    Finally found some official pictures of the Subaru BRZ production model interior. It's nothing special as you can see but it looks way better than interiors found on domestic vehicles. What do you guys think about the Subaru BRZ interior?
  6. Subaru BRZ Pictures
    Subaru BRZ revealed and in production form! This is what I expected the Subaru BRZ production model design to be. I think most will agree from looking at the BRZ pictures below that so far the BRZ looks far better than the Toyota 86. Wondering how the FR-S will look. Add your Subaru BRZ Tokyo...
  7. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Now we finally get a look at both the Toyota 86 production model and Subaru BRZ production model compared. Not much differences at all, the only major design difference between the two would be the front fascia.
  8. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    The Subaru BRZ production model was revealed today, a lot of major automotive news sources have posted articles on this and a lot of them have different things to say about it. You'll find a lot of news articles in this thread about the Subaru BRZ production model debut. If you have any...
1-8 of 8 Results