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    Has anyone installed any two-way radio gear, such has amateur (ham) radio gear in a BRZ? Any problems? The manual has vague warnings about problems that could occur, but I think the owners manual for most cars probably does, too, just in an abundance of caution. I'd like to put 2-meter (VHF...
  2. Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    My phone cannot seem to keep connected to the car's Bluetooth. The car's bluetooth connection will suddenly drop, sometimes in the middle of a call. to be clear, it is not the cellular connectivity that is dropping, just the connection to the car's bluetooth mic and speakers. The dealership...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am heavily considering picking up a BRZ Limited WRB. You will probably see me poking around the forums and asking seemingly random questions but fear not! I am just doing research! In fact I will post a question now, for those that had to order a car from the dealership how does that...
  4. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Now that snow has covered much of the midwest and nordeastern states, how is everyone's car handling? Some of us, like myself, the BRZ is our dd. Up here in the Twin Cities, we got about 10-12 inches dumped on us last weekend. So, I had to take the car for spin to see how it does before the...
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    Just saw this video and it sounds good. Not sure if it has already been posted so sorry if it has.
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    Didn't cost me a thing!
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    So.. I know many of you guys got your cars already, but I just got my VIN # last week with an ETA of September 27 (or somewhere around there, I can't quite remember as of right now). Now, I do plan on doing some modifications to the car and making it a project car, and my plan is as follows...
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    Of course it is, despite all the warnings to the contrary. It's just a misunderstanding. The Subaru manual, and many posters keep instructing owners of new cars to avoid using the cruise control. There is nothing at all inherently "wrong" with cruise control. It is merely an electronic...
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    I have limited garage space and I would like to know if anyone purchased a car cover for the BRZ from Subaru or a car cover for the car from another place.
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    Check it out guys, let me know your thoughts... I know what mind are, but I want to hear yours. Thanks! Crawford Performance
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    Usually, at any dealer, when you go in and try to do the financing paperwork for your purchase/lease, they try to sell you add-ons (extended warranties, clear pain protection, etc.). For those that have purchased or plan on purchasing the BRZ, what did you buy with it? Does it make sense to...
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    Hey everyone, Im sure we would all love to know if this is possible. I havent seen anything about it. Anyone out there know how to disable the caution screen that comes on every time the car is turned on? I HATE it! Theres gotta be a way....