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    Hey guys im new to the forum, i recently purchased a used 2014 brz from someone and the car has stalled on me with check engine light and left me stranded twice in the 3 weeks of owning it. (the previous owner bought the car from a guy in new jersey and it had the supercharger kit installed and...
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    $1000 HKS Hipermax IV SP Coilovers brz/86 lightly used!!!
  3. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    New Brz Frs coilovers. Brand new. Open box, has everything. Part number 90888 I will replace paper and ship original box with another layer of cardboard around box. $750
  4. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    So I'm thinking about running extreme low bc coilovers. My question is should i run a flat 14kg spring rate front and back. I am running stock wheels so should i buy 20mm spacers to keep it flush and avoid possible rubbing? Any advice would be awesome.
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    Big surprise for anyone who want to buy Auto parts, We have rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, coilovers for various kinds of cars for sale. All those aftermarket parts are of high quality and competitive price. For a quicker response you can click here: items in turbo connecting rod coilover...
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    Here I have a 2013 BRZ Limited for sale. The car has about 28k miles on it. All highway miles. Price $24,500/OBO - Not looking to part out at this moment. Location Jackson, New Jersey I bought the car in August of 2013 and loved everything about it. The car has never been tracked nor been...
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    Hello my friends: This is our huge range of impreza coilovers kits from the biggest High performance brands for you. High-speed driving, especially when the corners good shock absorption performance is particularly important in the race venue, the general has a 60-degree angled corners, and...
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    212RWKW Project BRZ Build Thread - Australia's First Kraftwerks Supercharged BRZ Hello all and welcome to the Project BRZ Thread. In this post I'll cover all the mods I've done to the car so far since new, and I'll continue to update the thread as I do more and more to the car. If you like...
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    hello, All parts will be off by this coming wednesday evening and at the latest thursday morning. Please let me know if you have any interest. Only doing bay area meetups/shipping if needed as long as you cover the charge. Nvidia Q300 with burnt tips - 575 on vehicle for 4k miles Valenti...
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    I recently bought my 2013 BRZ and I was wondering if there were and quick, affordable or necessary upgrades that people recommend. Thank you
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    500 OBO, got some new coilovers so will not need anymore private message me please, live in Richmond BC:)
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    And we know they'll fit our BRZ. Scion FR-S | Accessories | Check out the roll bar kit: 20.5 mm front and 15.8 mm rear...pretty close to the recommended sizes fitted by Whiteline in Australia, essentially their stage I upgrade. Note the TRD front bar has three adjustment...
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    Hey guys, quick question. I've decided to pull the trigger and buy a brz. The question is, do I go and pick up a 2014 brz that's already on the lot, or do I wait for the 2015 to hit dealers? I read its supposed to be out this summer some time, but I can't get firm date.
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    Not sure if you guys seen this
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    I just bought some bc br Coilovers and they came with endlinks. The stock endlinks fit but if they sent some I'm sure I should use them. However, they are adjustable so how do I know how to set them? Sent from Free App
  16. Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Ok, so lemme first start off by saying that I fkin love my brz.. Followed by, I'm not a street racer, nor am I gonna hit the track in my subi.. However I like nice things. So I wanted to get some opinions on Coilovers and exhaust systems available... 1st question. With Coilovers I wanted to know...
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    New wheels and coilovers. Wow
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    Got new rims this last week and the rim style makes the wheel gap on the brz really stand out. So I ordered up a set of the ICS N1 coilovers for my brz and wondering who has these and their opinion of the setup is.
  19. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    OK...Whom out there has fiddled with the suspension? Lowering, spring rates, dampening... I really hate the wheel gap, but I have read alot of technical discussions by people whom have seemingly been in on the r&d of this vehicle, and they have said that coilovers, springs, etc ruin the perfect...
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    Up for sale is a BRAND NEW ISC Suspension N1 coilovers kit. Item is boxed and ready to be shipped. Part # iscS018-S Selling for $850 shipped