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    Mine got bumped going on a mechanic ramp...trying to keep the car perfect with factory paint. If you have a front bumper cover with no extra holes drilled and in Crystal Black, let me know... Thanks in advance!
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    I'm currently about to order a 2017 BRZ Sport-Tech. I will be daily driving this car, and am not intending to use it at the track (Not pushing my engine that hard). Will the car be SAFE ON 87 octane gas? I understand that I should be putting in 91 or 91 (in which I probably will anyways) to...
  3. Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    As you guys probably know already, the premium subaru brz's don't have heated seats which means they dont have the heated seats controls near the ebreak and instead its just a black rectangle. I was wondering if you guys know any cool stickers/designs or anything to cover it or put on it
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    Hi, I'm trying to sell these new parts for a great price; please bid or ask any questions if you're interested! 3 Piece Engine Cover Set in Blue Aluminum for BRZ or Fr s "Nameless Performance" | eBay
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    I have a set of 4 Michelins Primacy HP's that came off of my 2013 BRZ with approx 18,000 miles on them. Still Plenty of tread left. Size: 215/45R17. $200 for the set. See pic Also an OEM Subaru BRZ trunk liner mat- $30 Can mail trunk tray- you cover shipping. reply here if interested. Thanks.
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    I love this car but my work situation changed and I need something with more space, asap. I am looking for someone to take over the lease. I'll pay the transfer fee for Toyota financial ($200 I believe). I'll give you cash to cover 3 months of payments . Payments are 329/month, 36 month lease...
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    Had to sell my BRZ so I am left with a barely used Subaru BRZ cover from Subaru. It is like new and in original bag. It worked very well and kept my car covered without coming off even during the gusty winds in Chicago. It was $200.00 originally, I am asking $100.00 firm.
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    Ok guys I am doing a PDC this weekend and I called my Ins. only to find out they won't cover it even though its not racing or auto X its a education and car handling course with professional drivers.. So I will be looking for new Ins, does anyone do this and if so who? What has been your...
    Traveling is always a good idea. You get onto the road, and if you don't keep your ride, there's no knowing where you might be. Depending on where you live and what the weather is like year round, you may feel the necessity of the floor mats in your car. The best craftsman of WeatherTech...
  10. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Woke up the other day and noticed my driver side tail light has the plastic cover broken. I would post a picture but it's too big and idk how to resize it. Anyways, I'm looking for a cost effective way to either change the light or maybe even fix it. I was considering buying these lights fogged...
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    Perrin 2.5 Exhaust- Performance Catalytic and Cat Back exhaust- Paid $1,400- Has 1,800 miles on it. Will sell for $800 XXR 527 wheels- Very Light Cromium Color- Looks Like Gunmetal 8.25 X 17, 5 X100- "5-lug only"- Will fit factory tires.- 700 miles on them- No issues-$500 Subaru- OEM car...
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    hello, All parts will be off by this coming wednesday evening and at the latest thursday morning. Please let me know if you have any interest. Only doing bay area meetups/shipping if needed as long as you cover the charge. Nvidia Q300 with burnt tips - 575 on vehicle for 4k miles Valenti...
  13. Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    This is a review of my experience with Integrity Concepts and their 10" passenger side sub enclosure. Communication ----------------- I first contacted Integrity Concepts via PM regarding their 10" passenger side sub enclosure on June 3rd. I received a prompt response within a few hours that...
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    Wake Me Up cover by Savannah Simpson - YouTube
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    Just installed the LAILE BEATRUSH Air Intake System, check it out! It feels absolutely amazing and eats up that cold air like a vacuum! I honestly haven't had a chance to get her out on the highway and open up yet. The directions are completely in Japanese and the pictures in the directions are...
  16. Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    The leather on the side of my car's driver seat has been slightly ripped/damaged, and the car is only about 6 months old. I fear that it will get worse. What is the best way to repair this or at least cover it up? Ideally, would the dealer's warranty cover this?
  17. Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    Has anyone done a 3-way setup with Dyns? I was thinking about putting in the Escotec System 362 - it's got 8" woofers for the door, 1.1" soft dome tweeters and a 3" mid-bass driver. I think both the tweets and mids will fit in the dash. Also thinking about doing the JL Stealth Box in the...
  18. Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    This morning, taking a leisurely turn at about 20 mph all the idiot lights came on and the engine just . . . stopped. No clanks, rattles, nothing. No smoke, no flames, just stopped. When I try to restart, nothing happens. Its keyless, so all that happens is that the lights and guages come...
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    I'm wondering how many miles you have on your BRZ and if there are any issues? Since this is a first model year car, I'm deciding between the 2013, 2014, or waiting a few years. I'm looking at a manual.
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    Hey Fellas, I'm in the market for a new car (still deciding BRZ or WRX but thats a question for another thread). I am also moving across the county in the next 3-4 weeks. So what are your thoughts on buying a BRZ and driving it a week later across the county? Where talking 2700 miles San Diego...