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    Hi, I reside in Dallas, Texas. looking to sale my 2013 BRZ with 34k miles! First owner, great conditions with a couple of minor scratches and dents. Never been in an accident before, Clean Title. Garage kept, clean car fax, all maintenance have been done at Subaru dealership! This car comes...
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    2013 BRZ Limited in pristine condition with 8000 miles. World Rally Blue Pearl with black alcantara interior. Only selling because I bought a 2014 Corvette. I thought I would keep them both but I am just not driving the BRZ. It is in pristine condition as to be expected with 9000 miles. I...
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    Have a white limited and would like to do a straight up trunk swap with another white premium anywhere close to dallas
  4. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    I am getting in a few days a white limited and would like a premium trunk, straight up trade, in the Dallas area
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Picked up my BRZ just over a few weeks ago. For the past few years, I have been driving a Corolla with no intention of buying a new car. The first time I laid my eyes on a BRZ, everything changed. I started doing some research and decided to buy one. This car is a blast to drive...
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    I just replaced my FRS fender inserts with the BRZ ones. My fender inserts are PERFECT and have all of the clips attached. This car came off the truck exactly one week ago and has 175 miles. I'm in Dallas, TX but could easily ship these for about $20. Asking $160. They sell for about $120 new...
  7. New Member Introductions
    After awaiting arrival for the past 3 weeks, my 2013 WR Blue BRZ Limited has finally shipped into Houston! I'll be driving down from Dallas to pick it up tomorrow and couldn't be more stoked. Just thought I would introduce myself to the forum and will post pics soon!
  8. Events and Meets
    We have enough now in the area to do something. Addison has a lot of options and is very central to most on the members here. I say we do something Friday, March 1st in the early evening. 7/8 PM. I have some suggestions, but please say if you have any other suggesions. Please don't say...
  9. New Member Introductions
    I learned of the BRZ from a Popular Mechanics article. After considering one for a few months, I got one. I haven't seen another BRZ yet in Dallas, but I'm sure there are a handful running around. I lucked into mine this past weekend when a dealer had one that a buyer backed out on. The...
  10. Events and Meets
    Anyone interested in a get together in Dallas, Little Rock or Memphis? Memphis would be fun as Tunica and the casinos are near by. I'm in Little Rock with my lonely blue BRZ Limited. I've only seen one other BRZ here in Little Rock and it was a red one. Anybody in this area? -John