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    State : CT Model: 2014 White brz limited Additional accessories: dim mirrors with homelink Offered price: 27,600 before sales tax/fees Is this a reasonable offer? I'm not sure right now but out of door price might be 29891 = 27,600 + sales tax of 6.25% + title transfer fee of 349 +...
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    So I have 5 BRZs in stock and avaliable, all of them are over $500 below invoice with the exception of all 2014 in stock BRZs which will be priced AT INVOICE. If you have any questions call 440-520-9914 (Mike) DZA - Satin White Pearl 2013 BRZ Premium Manual Option Pack 01 Auto Dim Mirror w/...
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    I have the homelink / auto dim mirror with compass but I find the compass pretty worthless (We have GPS/nav). While you can turn it off with the button on the right is there anyway to have it off permanently? I would be willing to take the mirror apart if need be. Anyone have any ideas?
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    So I bought a ton of LEDs from Diode Dynamics and installed them tonight into my car. They all look great...except for the LEDs in my doors. Looking for electrical experts to dial in on the problem. 1) Doors had stock lights, and turned on when doors were open, and off when closed...