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  1. Custom 4th brake light

    Subaru BRZ Builds and Projects
    Hi everyone, this is a project I was working on recently. If anyone interested I will post a DIY guide. Bench test https:// Installed to vehicle https:// I can't post link yet so you have to remove the space for the link to work
  2. Handmade Subaru BRZ Cat-Back Exhaust System by Blox Racing at CARiD
    Let your engine breathe easier and ensure solid performance gains, with our high performance Cat-Back Exhaust System by Blox Racing. It will provide you with a noticeable increase in performance and by cancelling drone and exhaust noises completely will improve the sound qualities of your...
  3. Questions regarding the Official Subaru audio upgrades.

    Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    My upgrade the audio in my previous car (POS Chevy Cobalt). I did it myself and broke several clips and plastic parts, but man, it sounded awesome. I just got a BRZ a week ago and love it. I don't want to DIY the audio because I'm not sure I can do it properly. I saw the Subaru dealership...
  4. Need link to Gear Oil DIY

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    I've been searching and searching and came up empty handed. Can someone refer me to a link that shows how to change my gear oil. Also, I see multiple threads stating what gear oil is best. I hate to start another thread, BUT, being that each thread states something different, what's the best...
  5. Lighting Tech 101: Research Automotive Lighting Technology

    Diode Dynamics
    Research Automotive Lighting At Diode Dynamics, we want our fellow enthusiasts to be educated on automotive lighting products, so that they know they are purchasing the best products on the market. We have devoted this portion of our website to doing just that. Here you'll find information on...
  6. Should I get a brz?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I am new to te forum and am interested in your guys opinion . I have been thinking strongly of getting a brz lately. I have alway liked subarus , I owned a 09 sti wrb hatch and loved it and my brother inlaw has a 2012 sti sedan with 405whp ( unreal machine). I do enjoy quick...
  7. Oil change with Torco SR-1 100% Synthetic questions!

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I just performed the first oil change on my BRZ with 2270 miles on it. I have a question for you pros out there!!! Well I watched this video from regarding their oil change: ...and the guy that used the Torco 100% Synthetic...
  8. Disable Sound Generator

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hello- I will be picking up my new '14 BRZ Limited in a couple of weeks. Would like to disable sound generator with minimal effort- Could I just plug the hole under carpet in passenger's footwell using a 7/8" nylon plug?
  9. cabin air filter

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Anyone know where the cabin air filter is located and is it hard to replace? Max
  10. Installing PlasmaGlow LED Switch?

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Has anyone purchased the Plasmaglow LED Switches/does anyone know how to go about installing them? Product can be found here: PlasmaGlow 11100 Blue LED Fighter Jet Switch : : Automotive Thanks!
  11. Why does my car stink?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I have noticed shortly after turning off the AC that the air coming out of the vents smells pretty bad. I assume the condensate tray has mold or something growing on it. I have had it a little bit in other cars but never as persistent. Has anyone else had this issue in their BRZ and what, if...
  12. Asking how to convert a rear reflector

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    I am hoping to get a little advice. What I want to do is convert my rear reflector into a 4th brake light/rear fog light. I was thinking that a standard dual rear brake light bulb would work for the job. I would have the one element working off the rear deck light and the other element to come...
  13. Another Noob from West Atlanta 'burbs (Douglasville)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, all! I've actually been here for several weeks, throwing in the occasional random post. (Not a newb to forums. Just this one.) Yesterday, I put down a deposit on a white, manual '13 Limited. Should pick it up tomorrow night. Me? My name is Steve and I'm 56 years old. I do...
  14. Driving with 1 licence plate only ?!

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    is it legal to drive with one NY licence plate at the back only?:rolleyes:
  15. DIY loose/falling rearview mirror fix

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    shameless photo of my baby: So I noticed that a lot of people have been having problems with their rearview mirrors either getting loose, or falling off completely. Should be covered under warranty, so if you have a dealership near you and don't mind waiting for them to fix it, then I would...
  16. BRZ Footwell LED Kit! Single & Multicolor Kits! Control w/Smartphone App!

    Diode Dynamics
    Looking to add a unique touch to your BRZ's interior? Footwell LEDs are the way to do it! By adding bright LED strips under your dash, you can add a lot to the look of your BRZ. Diode Dynamics has been producing and designing easy-to-install LED kits for nearly a decade, and this kit is no...
  17. Traded MINI Cooper JCW for BRZ

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Well, I finally traded my 2004 MINI cooper JCW for a DGM BRZ Limited. I was very indecisive about this for a long time since I really loved the MINI, and had it for nearly 10 years. But it was time for a change. I am really happy that I did it! The BRZ is better in almost every respect even...
  18. BRZ premium pricing reasonable?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    WRB Manual transmission premium BRZ. This is what I have so far with the salesperson: MSRP $27255 Invoice $25796 Sale price $24576 + TTL is extra the transportation via truck is estimated to be another 800 dollars I found a toyota dealership trying to sell me FR-S saying : MSRP: $26,700...
  19. Couple items looking for opinons on.

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Well I've had the BRZ now for about 3 months. Its been great. Im looking to change a few things. Ive already done the panel filter with a k&n but my next mod im looking at doing is with the exhaust and some interior/exterior lighting. 1. Im stuck and not sure what exhaust id like to go for. Ive...
  20. Great front grille Subaru...

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Well, I was almost home the other night and a stupid rabbit ran out in front of my car and committed suicide. I think, ok shouldn't be a big deal. When I get a look at it not only did that cheap ass thing break, but the WHOLE rabbit went through the POS and hit the radiator. The grille is...