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    Hello, I've driven my 2013 BRZ almost 1500 mi now. I noticed that when I go over 70 mph, there seems to be a chattering sound coming from the passenger rear. I have nothing in the car... Nothing in the trunk, nothing in the backseats... Nothing. Does anyone think it could be the fuel door...
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    How easy/hard is it to change it out???
  3. Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    I am just curious as to what everyone is using as far is replacement speakers. As we all know, the stock speakers are good but not great, and most of us I'm sure have put it on our list somewhere to replace them. So far I've got: Rockford P3D4-10 sub Rockford R500x1D amp I also have Rockford...
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    I switched my BRZ’s (LHD) silver interior trim pieces for black. If anyone is interested I am selling the silver trim as a complete set for $150.00. The pieces have no issues what so ever. I will pay the shipping to anyone in the continental United States. PM me with any questions, I will...
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    If the battery goes dead on the BRZ key fob, can the car be started somewhere with the hard key in the fob? I may have over looked it, but I don't see how to start the car without the fob? Enough of a concern that I thought I might keep an extra key fob battery in the glove compartment.
  6. Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    Here's what I gather for our current stock speakers...they're decent. But I want to upgrade them mostly b/c I have a few speakers in the garage that I'd love to put to use. I haven't pulled open the speaker grills on the dash to take measurements b/c I don't plan on replacing those. But other...
  7. Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    Is anyone else having issues with keyless access and starting the car? This has happened to me several times. I have my key with me. The car recognizes me with the dome light coming on when I approach, and the door unlocking when I touch the handle. But when I get in and press the ignition...