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    Founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in the late 1960s during the height of the original muscle car boom, Hotchkis Sport Suspension got its start building products that blessed GM, Mopar, and Ford performance cars with new abilities to corner and handle with stability at racetrack speeds. As...
    Brake rotors can wear unevenly or become slightly warped over time, compromising your braking performance. Upgraded components ensure both quicker acceleration and quicker stopping time. When looking for new high-quality replacement brake pads, it is better to choose a product that will surely...
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    So I love taking road trips, and now that my BRZ is broken in I decided to take it on a 1500 mile one. WOW.. The car really loosened up on this trip, speeds of 95mph sustained and she just prrrrrd still had power to give I was shocked a little. So I drove 1100 miles in the first day of the...
1-3 of 217 Results