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  1. foreign currency exchange

    Off Topic Discussion
    i am finding best foreign currency exchange company can any one know the best money exchange providers in san francisco thanks
  2. From Mustang to BRZ

    New Member Introductions
    this is the first small sports car i've ever run, always driven torquey muscle cars. with city living and a change in driving priorities i opted to go for the BRZ and have fallen for it in a huge way, car is one of the funnest i have ever driven. Makes me wish i had it when i was living abroad...
  3. where can I get some snow tire chains cheaper?

    Off Topic Discussion
    I have a 2001 Toyota Celica GT. I am looking for tire chains. I see has them but their cheapest one is $100 a pair. I have never used tire chains before but this Northeastern snow nearly caused my car to get messed up. It slipped going downhill even at just 25 mph and hit a curb. I was...
  4. USB doesn't have all music

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I have to first say this is the worst radio/phone/aux/navi I have ever seen in a car. My bluetooth goes through a total phonebook reboot each time I turn the car on. My iPod tries to pair itself with the bluetooth as a phone. I have been on the phone with Subaru techs and they told me they think...
  5. Are the automatics really that popular?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey there, just curious how many have the auto BRZ? I have always been a manual guy and propably always will be.
  6. Creative Parking!

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    So...if you're trying to avoid dents and ding you're probably doing some of the things I do when parking my new BRZ. Here's a list, but feel free to add your own! 1. Parking way out. 2. Parking snugged up next to a shopping cart corral. 3. Parking at the end of a row snugged up to the side...
  7. Higher Fuel Standards For 2025 Coming Today: What They Mean For You

    Off Topic Discussion
    By the year 2025, cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. will have to earn a combined city/highway rating of 54.5 miles per gallon. That's according to new fuel economy regulations set forward by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation, which the Detroit Free...
  8. Nav/HU mp3 player display foreign fonts?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I got some Chinese mp3s on my USB stick which I'd like to be able to see the id tags on the display. Even my $100 Garmin can display them. Anybody has any idea how to add fonts (or enable them) to our BRZ HU? Thanks.
  9. Accelerated Performance 2013 BRZ - FRS Turbo Kit Designing

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    First Tuned BRZ w/ Turbo Kit – Accelerated Performance STG1 Turbo Kit w/ FMIC – 4PSI First Tuned BRZ w/ Turbo Kit – Accelerated Performance STG1 Turbo Kit w/ FMIC – 4PSI || | Subaru BRZ | Toyota 86 | Scion FR-S | Forum | News | See posts # 32, 33, 34...