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    Any brz's in the chicago area, lets have a meet! Sent from Free App
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    $2,550.00 Give us a call 215-725-0490 This is for Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S TRA Kyoto Designed GT Rear Wing only 1600x380mm GT Wing plane with uprights and trunk mounts. *(hole drilling required) This is brand new still wrapped up sitting in my shop waiting to be shipped out!
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    Keep in mind I'd not even heard of a BRZ until a week ago. :) Hi. I am tall, almost 65 (but not decrepit,) live in AZ and have had a Porsche 914 and a '72 Vette convertible in days long past. For the last 14 years I've driven a Dodge Dakota 4x4, which has been an excellent truck but just...
  4. Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Does anyone have experience with these superchargers? Twin-Screw Supercharger System Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Toyota FT86.
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    Cincinnati - 2014 BRZ
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    Hello everyone, I am Thomas and great to be here. Hope to find some great stuff here. Thanks
  7. Subaru BRZ STI Discussion
    Tada Tetsuya Announces Updated 86 Will Be Coming... Soon - Scion FR-S Forum | Subaru BRZ Forum | Toyota 86 GT 86 Forum | AS1 Forum - FT86CLUB We might finally get the car we have been waiting for. Or they will give it a minor bump and wait another two years and do a real performance edition...
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    I've heard a lot of good reviews on these -- MTEC Shift Spring Kit [MSL86] - $32.98 : FT-86 SpeedFactory, Your exclusive source for FR-S / BRZ / GT-86 parts! I picked up a set and will install tomorrow while I'm doing track prep for Sunday. For ~$30, I'll give them a try.
  9. Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    I have a 2013 BRZ Limited manual and am about to order Scion FR-S dash parts (bezel around radio and long piece above glove box) in faux carbon fiber from a Scion/Toyota dealer. I assume they will fit but does anyone know for sure? Thanks
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    Just received the following Road & Track article: Why We Won't Get a Faster FR-S - News - Road & Track This news doesn't bode well for our wanting "more power" from the factory. Though disappointed, I choose to think that our cars are increasingly rare and thus much more valuable!
  11. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    I selling a brand new in box Perrin Exhaust Overpipe Over-Pipe 2.5". I purchased this but in transit decided to go 3" instead. I'm selling this for $300 brand new (+$15 for ground shipping/unless you want it quicker let me know)
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    Hello all, I'm not exactly a regular on this page, as I don't own a BRZ, but I own an Impreza if it means anything. I'm not looking to bore you guys down with my problems, but let me say I'm a huge BRZ fan ever since one showed up at the auto show in my town two years ago. Now this is actually...
  13. Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Anyone know where the cabin air filter is located and is it hard to replace? Max
  14. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Owner's manual claims that the volume of the buzzer that rings when the doors are locked can be progremmed by the dealer. The buzzer on my car is so quiet I can barely hear it (no, I'm not deaf yet). Is this normal? Does anybody know the magic sequence of actions that can be used to modify the...
  15. Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I have a '13 BRZ with a manual transmission and less than 2k miles. I am having a problem where when it is cold outside and I just started the car it is nearly impossible to move the shifter into 2nd gear. I have no problem going into 1 or an other gear but going 1 to 2 or 3 to 2 I have to...
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    So I read through this thread and it looks to me like you can swap on 4pot wrx brakes. gc8 4 pot brakes - Page 2 - Scion FR-S Forum | Subaru BRZ Forum | Toyota 86 GT 86 Forum | AS1 Forum - FT86CLUB What has me wondering is if you can also just swap the rotors as well or if you can just use...
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    Read the complete Subaru BRZ vs Ford Fiesta ST comparison at
  18. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    I really like the look of the FRS TRD body kit but the front spoiler of the TRD kit doesn't fit on the front of the BRZ! I found a front spoiler that looks similar and it seems to work for the BRZ. Seibon Carbon Fiber Lip, TB (Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S 13+) FL1213SBBRZ-TB - Modern Automotive...
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    I noticed today on the BBC News website that Toyota has debuted a new concept auto, the “Future Toyota 1”, or FT-1, at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Apparently no technical specifications are available at present, and no word on if the concept will make it beyond the video game stage and into...
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    Read the complete Subaru BRZ vs Volkswagen GTI comparison at