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    It's my understanding that the engine uses both direct and port injection systems, but when exactly is it doing one or the other? and does the port injection happen enough to dissolve the carbon buildup on the valves caused by direct injection? I ask cause I'm looking at getting a subaru next...
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    I was cruising with some friends in my newly acquired BRZ and they were dumbfounded how well the car drove. I told them about my plans to keep it stock besides adding a cool air intake and how im saving for a turbo-kit. Then he told me about this magical chip that gives you 30 added HP, better...
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    Hey guys, I will be buying Borla UEL headers and either the perrin system with front pipe or the invidia q300 with front pipe. My question if any of you know is that with the headers will i need the over pipe or would it end up not being used. Thanks for the info.
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    Scion FR-S Going Hybrid? A more potent Toyota GT-86 is on the way, but electric motor assist could be used instead of turbocharging. It’s no secret that Toyota is currently working on a high-performance version of its highly acclaimed GT-86/Scion FR-S sports coupe. Only days after the Japanese...
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    Hey everyone, So I just got the BRZ and I am in the break in period (taking it easy) But my average MPG is 23mpg? What gives? Sent from Free App
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    If 93 octane is best for my BRZ, what would happened if I dumped in a fuel additive that promises 100 or 107 octane? Would I see an increase in performance and/or would it damage the engine/fuel components? All this considering after I fill up with 93 premium fuel
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    Well, I did a quick search on here, and I didn't see one of these threads started, so I figured I would. We have one on a similar thread that I belong to, and it is a pretty good thread. Basically, it is a thread for posting modifications that can be done for nothing or next to nothing. I'll...