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    I was a first gen buyer of a super sweet GBS Limited - MT. Picked it up in the summer of 2012 and still have it with just about 40K miles. Just curious to see if anyone else has held on to their car as well or have y'all moved on to other/newer models of the car?
  2. New Member Introductions
    What's up guys(and girls)! My name is Eric, I live in Rialto ca and I have a 13 brz GBS premium... It's my second subie, I used to own a 08 wrx... Looking forward to meeting some brz guys and learning and modding my car more... Brz has the following mods now... Invidia catless front pipe K&N...
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    Since I can't afford any costly upgrades...hahaha. I'm looking to swap my Galaxy Blue Silica BRZ Limited winged trunk for a GBS Premium wingless trunk. I'm located in the Redwood City area. Lemme know if any of you are interested. Thanks!
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    I'm biased... Black is classy... The Red reminds me of girly lipstick.
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    Hello all, I have a Satin White Pearl 2014 on order. Normally I am not a fan of white cars and I planned on buying the Galaxy Blue Silica but once I was at the dealer and saw some brzs I noticed the SWP looks beautiful on this car and I liked it better than the GBS! So I ended up ordering a...
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    All done dressing her it's time to focus on performance
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    I am in Tallahassee Florida and looking for other BRZ drivers in my area. Anyone close by? I drive a WRB LTD Manual.:confused:
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    2013 Galaxy Blue Silica day puts wrong wheels and tires on her. The right ones will be in at the end of the week. Tomorrow, new exhaust, cool air intake, shark fin antenna, interior light led blue, led licence plate lighting, crystal smoke side marker lights, and blue break...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. New member of the forum. Picked up my GBS BRZ last September and have around 9k on it so far. Drive it every day and so far so good. Had the GPS issue but that was fixed by the dealer and other than a one time electrical issue with the windows not going up when it was pretty...
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    Hey guys. I am picking up my BRZ tomorrow, limited GBS. A little about me, I am from South Jersey. I was driving an 06 Acura RSX type S till the engine blew. I am a CrossFit Trainer and I like to surf, ski, and play hockey. Thanks for having me here :D
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    Hey guys, I'm from concord MA and Just made the jump from my 2011 WRX hatch in WRB, to a GBS 2013 BRZ premium this monday. Was a little apprehensive at first but after putting 100 miles on the car and getting some seat time I know this is going to be the right choice. Everything about it is...
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    Purchasing MY 2013 BRZ – What's up with DGM?! Hey guys, So, I've been flirting with the idea of getting a BRZ and am now ready to take the dive (aka finally convinced the wife). At first, DGM (Dark Gray Metallic) looked really attractive but now, for some reason, it looks… meh! My wife also...
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    I know people were paying thousands above MSRP last year when this car hit the dealers, but I'm curious as to what people are paying now. i bought mine yesterday, a Limited automatic (new with 6 miles on it) for $1,729 under MSRP and while I feel I got a great deal, i'd like to know if others...
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    Ok I'm starting small I got the windows tinted, weather tech floor mats, and now I'm thinking I want a dash cam. Any suggestions? Sent from Free App
  15. New Member Introductions
    Ordered a wrb BRZ Limited w/manual on 1/9/13. Dealer gave me VIN and informed me it should arrive 3/19/13. Out the door price will be $29,970 with Homelink mirror,locking lugnuts, chrome fender accent,and chrome fuel door cover. This I ordered before reading the forum posts and didn't realize it...
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    So tonight was the first night I got to drive my baby and I already experience some cop fun. Driving 63 in a 60, I get tagged on the highway. After the officer asks what he pulled me over for, I was very nice in saying I really had no idea. Moments later another officer rolls up, one who had...
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    Just purchased my GBS BRZ yesterday! Can't say how awesome it was driving off the lot. When I got back to campus, my friend liked the car so much he went and bought one from the same dealership right after me.
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    Hi everyone. Been quite a journey - but in short - I have the car of my dreams, in my driveway. GBS BRZ LTD 6MT! I will update with pictures tomorrow, it is night time now. However, the short story is that back in March I pre-ordered this same vehicle. It came in, dealer shafted me on lease...
  19. New Member Introductions
    I've been around here for a while now but I figured an official introduction was in order now that I actually have my car. Back in August (August 27, to be exact) I placed an order for my 6MT WRB Limited. While I have still not received an ETA for that car, my dealer called me last week to...
  20. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Just wanted to see your opinions on color lugs with gold wheels on WRB. I'm thinking black, gold or blue!