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  1. Car lights and accessories for your vehicle

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    If you are not satisfied with your factory bulbs, then it’s time to choose such a reliable custom headlights manufacturer as KENSUN. Our company services multi-location businesses in the automotive lighting sectors not to mention main-street U.S.A. businesses. We provide a wide range of...
  2. SUBARU BRZ 2015 11K miles Manual trans - $20800 - Bay Area, CA

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    I will have to depart with my lovable 2015 Subaru BRZ as I need the garage space for other endeavors. It has 11,000 miles, manual transmission, alloy wheels, upgraded tires, HID headlights, LED running lights, GPS, factory sub-woofer and it is always garaged. The exterior, interior and engine...
  3. OEM Headlight Regional Variants

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Does anyone know whether different markets (North America, Euro, JDM) have different versions of the OEM headlights for the 2013 BRZ? I have a broken but fully functional headlight. I bought a used one from the US but the boomerang doesn't illuminate. The retailer sent me a different one with...
  4. Subaru BRZ OEM HID Replacement Bulb! Only $60! Upgrade your HIDs Today!

    Diode Dynamics
    Subaru BRZ Replacement HID Bulbs These replacement OEM-size HID bulbs will upgrade your OEM bulbs, which are slightly warm in color, to a cool white, modern color. These are quality bulbs, with better performance than most other generic ones on the market. They will not flicker, and they will...
  5. foglight led help

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I'm getting a 2014 BRZ tomorrow I'm ordering HID replacement bulbs at 5000kelvins which I already found (pure white with no blue) I'm also looking to find 5000k LED foglight bulbs What exactly is the bulb size for the fog lights? I know its PSX24W but are there any other equivalent sizes that...
  6. Lighting Tech 101: Research Automotive Lighting Technology

    Diode Dynamics
    Research Automotive Lighting At Diode Dynamics, we want our fellow enthusiasts to be educated on automotive lighting products, so that they know they are purchasing the best products on the market. We have devoted this portion of our website to doing just that. Here you'll find information on...
  7. Hid headlights too high?

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    Hey so whenever I'm driving and have the headlights set at the factory height I always get ppl flashing their headlights at me like I have my high beams on... So I set it to 1 vs 0... No big problem just wanted to kno if I'm the only one or not. Sent from Free App
  8. Hi guys!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I am currently thinking about getting a brz as a second car since my Wrangler is pretty expensive on gas with 1 hour to get to work and back. We went to an auto show last week end and my wife found in love with the car so it might happen as soon as she get a new job. It could end up being the...
  9. Demon Eyes Install, HID Fog Install, Blacked out Headlights

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Hey guys, im about to install demon eyes, hid fogs and Black out the headlights. Will post pics up as soon as I get it done, if you guys need me to do anything for you reguarding lights let me know. I also post the pics on instagram, if you want to see them follow twistedlightdesigns Cant...
  10. Changing DRL?

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    I have been looking to change the HID's from the stock 4300K to 6000K (to match all the bulbs I replaced with LED's) but I'm afraid the daytime running lights will no longer match and might look funny... anyway to change the color on these as well???
  11. BRZ Angel Eyes! Just $50, or get Remote-Controlled MULTICOLOR for $80!

    Diode Dynamics
    Subaru BRZ Angel Eyes SMD Ring Angel Eyes can be installed on any vehicle as an accent for your headlights. They can be found on BMWs and are a nice modification for any vehicle. The angel eyes from Diode Dynamics are the highest quality and brightness available. Look around, you will not...
  12. Headlight Armor

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Smoked Headlight Armor (With Pics!) So I decided to pick up some Headlight Armor for the lights. I've used the stuff on my R1 that I had and the stuff is fantastic. The headlight armor is thicker than the traditional headlight films, which is really nice as it really protects the lenses. I...
  13. Couple items looking for opinons on.

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Well I've had the BRZ now for about 3 months. Its been great. Im looking to change a few things. Ive already done the panel filter with a k&n but my next mod im looking at doing is with the exhaust and some interior/exterior lighting. 1. Im stuck and not sure what exhaust id like to go for. Ive...
  14. Replacing hid bulbs?

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Has anybody tried replacing the hid bulbs on the car yet? Couldn't find a diy. found a diy
  15. give me ideas to convince my parents

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have 17 years and 15k for a down cash. I need to convince my parents with good argument for buy this car :D Please, help me I really want it. My father wants me to buy a cheaper car like the cruze or the scion tc.....
  16. Getting a BRZ soon

    New Member Introductions
    What color should I get? I'm stuck between the white and royal blue? And what % tint should I get that'll look good with both colors? I'm just trying to do my studies before making the purchase.
  17. head light BRZ VS FR-s

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    I guy's it's my first post here (thanks for everyone to be aware of my bad english) I both a accidented BRZ and the thing is that the OEM headlight is worth a shit load of money compared to the FR-s one so... 1) why the hell are they that expensive compared to the FR-s one 2) can i both the...
  18. Check out this Scion FR-S 10 Edition

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Scion FR-S “10 Series” Gets Grown-up Features | News A few more similarities to the BRZ. Headlights are HID, LED DRL, blacked out Dual climate control keyless access with Push start. bunch of stupid glowing badges and parts. What do you think?
  19. DIY HID Install with relay Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ (video)

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    This is a guide for installing HIDs on a 2013 Scion FR-S, both with and without relay option.
  20. 2013 BRZ AT, Satin Pearl White 7500 miles for sale. Extras

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    2013 Subaru BRZ, AT Limited for sale. Satin Pearl White. There's a crack on the front lip from a piece of tread in the road. Light damage. I'll post a pic when I take one later. 7500 miles $27,000 Exterior Features Front-engine, rear-wheel drive Direct and port-injected SUBARU BOXER®...