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  1. Broken Brz :( help

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys im new to the forum, i recently purchased a used 2014 brz from someone and the car has stalled on me with check engine light and left me stranded twice in the 3 weeks of owning it. (the previous owner bought the car from a guy in new jersey and it had the supercharger kit installed and...
  2. Buy Roblox Robux They have a link to PBS Kids Island

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Roblox Robux It plays Minecraft and some other games he plays fine but no way is it going to record and play them. His MB (H61H2 M2 V1.0) will take an Ivy Bridge so I was thinking of a used i5 3570 or i7 3770. At the start of the day I tried really hard to keep my usual routine. I had coffee and...
  3. 2015 Subaru BRZ (Turbo)

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    2015 Subaru BRZ (Turbo) SOLD!!!! 2015 Subaru BRZ $27000 OBO -Full blown motor sports turbo kit -2nd gen Garrett 30r turbo -Tial BOV -Greddy Exhaust -ACT stage 2+ clutch and flywheel -Work performed by speedyroo motorsports -410hp and excellent condition -22,000 miles and the car is garage kept...
  4. What would you do?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    So, I am sitting down at the local dealer and I am ordering a 2018 BRZ Limited. It is not a complicated process as there is not a long list of options to wade through. I was prepared to place a non-refundable depost. I have already driven both the manual and automatic, and researched the heck...
  5. Check Engine and Traction Control Came on

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    The car had its 30K checkup Saturday. Did not drive it Sunday, or Monday. Tuesday drove 12 miles to work and 12 miles back, and on the way home at a brisk speed of 36 mph, going on a straight road, the dash lit up. Any ideas? I think the dealership messed it up. It is a 2014.
  6. 2017 Presidents' Day Deals! | NOW Available IN-STORE

    Discount Tire
    This week we're celebrating Presidents' Day with incredible deals! Enjoy your Presidents' Day travels, worry-free, by taking advantage of the 2017 Presidents' Day Tire & Wheel Sale! See the links below for details. TO YOUR DOOR (2/13 - 2/20) Presidents' Day Deals | Discount Tire Direct...
  7. Cola Company are declining sales fifa 17 points ps4

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    fifa mobile for sale Rgano rector del ftbol mundial la Fdration Internationale de Football o FIFA cuenta con ms de 200 asociaciones nacionales. Un evento de alto perfil como la Copa Mundial de la FIFA muestra la diversidad de los participantes y aficionados del juego as como los diferentes...
  8. Hey Guys I picked up a silver BRZ'17 limited last wednesday

    New Member Introductions
    this thing is beast guys, I drove it home for the weekend to georgia from NC and this thing has real power and the center of gravity is amazing, I am in love with this car and want to put nothing but the best after market stuff on it and I thought I would start with a cold air intake for this...
  9. Up close the the refreshed 2017 BRZ.

    Heuberger Motors
    We just revived our first of the newly refreshed and updated 2017 BRZs. I'm sure many of you have read about the updates, so I won't get in to those right now. I've got some pics so you can see the changes better. Sorry if some of the pics are not the best, it was overcast yesterday so the light...
  10. Auxiliary /USB port not workin!

    Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    Hello all, I'm hoping for some collective wisdom here. Just brought home a 2013 Subaru BRZ. I've combed the internet and tried everything we've found to no avail. The aux and usb port will not recognize ANY device. We've tried different devices and phones. We've tried having bluetooth both...
  11. Fs...2015 brz series blue

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Selling my 2015 SERIES BLUE, here is your chance to own a limited build series blue, one of only 500 made in Crystal White Pearl, the car is in perfect condition inside and out, 21,859 adult driven miles (I'm 59) it's is a non smoker car, always garaged, oil and filter changed every 5000 miles...
  12. NT555 G2|The next generation of the NT555

    Discount Tire
    Nitto raised the bar in the summer performance tire category with the introduction of the NT555 Extreme Performance. Nearly two decades later, Nitto set out to make the ever popular NT555 even better and claims the next generation tire, dubbed NT555 G2, will brake harder, corner faster and stop...
  13. Thoughts on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, I'M considering a BRZ or a Genesis Coupe R-Spec... Anyone have a positive experience with the Genesis? Solid contender? Thanks for your help!
  14. Hello from Louisville Ky

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, Im Dave and this is my 2015 Subaru BRZ series Blue. Luckily for me I saw this car in July and it was delivered for a Dr who ordered it,he claimed he saw a scratch that nobody could see so he didn't take delivery of it. I walk in a few months later expecting top buy a Limited but...

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Hey guys I am selling my JL AUDIO STEALTHBOX, I've had it for a little bit less than a month and probably only turned on my radio like 10 times. I've come to realize i like driving my car with no music on at all. SO CAL pick up, selling for 575 OBO, when i take it out i will keep the wires and...
  16. Subaru BRZ in-stock inventory

    Heuberger Motors
    AS OF 3/13/2015, THESE ARE THE 2014 AND 2015 SUBARU BRZS THAT I HAVE IN-STOCK AND READY FOR YOU TO DRIVE HOME OR I CAN SEND ONE TO YOU ANYWHERE IN THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EZE - 2014 BRZ 2.0 Limited 6MT COLORS...
  17. Question Subwoofer?

    Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    Hi I recently purchased 2015 BRZ I had them install subwoofer ( kicker Subaru one). It's on the driver's side. Two questions can it be installed on the passenger side? The other question can you install 2 one on each side? 1 speaker looks unbalanced. Has anyone thought of this or know if this...
  18. Who are these freaks here?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    And why are they allowed to destroy this site with their babbling garbage? This used to be a good and helpful site, but then the trolls showed up and have now taken over the site. Why are they allowed to do so? Doesn't anyone monitor this site? Any thread not pertaining to the BRZ should be...
  19. Black Sea Red Army Project Almanac

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
  20. Featured ride: pictures, videos, articles | CARiD
    Hey guys! We would like to open our new thread for you. Here we are going to share with you a lot of cool stuff – pictures of awesome rides and car parts, news about the most recent updates and openings in the car's world and mind blowing videos! Your comments and your feedback are highly...