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  1. New Forum Member - ex fun-car and ex race-car owner looking for something new to try

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    hey BRZ (and FR-S?) fans, I'm a 45-year-old ex-fun-car driver and racer interested in my next fun-car on a reasonable budget. Hoping to learn more about the BRZ in the FAQ's sections, quirks, things to look out for, etc. quick intro these are all the sporty fun cars I've owned or built-up in...
  2. Mileage

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    Not a sporty topic, but I am really impressed with the mileage of the BRZ as a daily driver and for trips. That is if you aren't shifting at red-line all of the time. I tend to get better than 30 mpg a tank in my commute through suburban/rural type area. It's about 25 miles each way with 15...
  3. Hello from Indianapolis

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    Just picked up my Satin White yesterday from Tom Wood on the northside. 6 came in on a truck last week and I think 3 are already sold. Love the car- traded a 2011 Acura TL SH-AWD which was an amazing car but wanted something a little more sporty and with the stick which my 2011 did not have. Any...