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    I live in Maryland and have read numerous times in various publications and online that the BRZ scheduled maintenance cost is covered by Subaru. My dealer said no. I called Subaru and they said it is not covered. After seeing this a few more times in magazines, I called Subaru again and demanded...
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    Has anyone cross-referenced and tried a taller oil filter on their BRZ?
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    How often/many miles will I get between filter cleanings???? Also, will I have to disassemble the bumper to perform the cleaning????? Thanks Much
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    We've had the car for a while but I just started using it as my daily driver on Friday, and it seems like I have to put gas in it a lot. My commute is fairly long, and I do drive a lot, but I've never had to fill up this much. I'm guessing it's just because of how small the tank is. But how...
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    Prepping our long-term 2013 Subaru BRZ tester for winter wasn't cheap, but it was certainly necessary. Purchased on Dec. 12, 2012, the rear-wheel-drive sports coupe has emptied $1,348.94 from our wallet in the first quarter of ownership with a large chunk of change going to winter tires and...
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    Did you get a deal on your first oil change / service? Was it included / free? How much did you pay for your first oil chage / service? What all did it include?