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  1. New Member Introductions
    My Limited, Red, AT arrived last week and after a few days of driving I'm really liking the driving experience. My current/last (up for sale) is a '93 RX-7, BRZ is very similar in may ways and the driving is as good if not better. Granted the BRZ can't touch it on horsepower but for now HP isn't...
  2. Events and Meets
    The next meet-up for the Rio Grande BRZs (FRSs invited, too) will be Sunday, June 23. We'll head up into the Sierra Blanca. One likely destination would be the road up to Ski Apache. To give some idea of this road, here's a part of it. We'd really like to have you join us. Please message me for...
  3. Events and Meets
    jliltd and I had our Rio Grande meet-up today. We spent about eight amazing hours driving over to Silver City on NM 152, over the Black Range. We have identical (except for front-plate treatment) SS1 MT Ltds, here parked at a campground half-way over the pass. We had lunch in Silver...
1-3 of 3 Results