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    Who's avoided an accident or damage because our BRZs have fantastic handling??? Share your "saved" story here. Here's mine: I was driving at 70+ mph in the right lane of the freeway preparing to take a long sweeping exit ramp to the right. When the car in front of me suddenly changed lanes to...
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    2013 Subaru BRZ | WeatherTech FloorLiner - car floor mats liner, floor tray protects and lines the floor of truck and SUV carpeting from mud, snow, water and dirt | - for Canadian drivers Front row only, but at least that's good, especially for cold weather drivers. fyi. :)...
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    I replaced my OME fog light bulbs with HID lights about a month ago. Today I noticed the glass is melting/blistering up. Is the fog light cover made of glass or cheap plastic? My STI friend told me not to cover them with vinyl because as he concluded, the yellow Vinyl was what was melting on...