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  1. 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited, 70k miles, Blue, 6spd Auto/ Pedals- Atlanta, GA - $15,000obo

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    Selling a 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited - Galaxy Blue I hate to see it go, but I am getting a Tesla. 69k Miles Black and Red Leather Upholstery interior 6 Speed Automatic with Optional Manual TransmissionPedal Shifting Navigation Satellite Radio Touchscreen Center Console Voice Activated Commands...
  2. 5200miles and first oil change...

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    Had the oil changed and the tires rotated at the dealer...only 94 friggen dollars. Should have done it myself... Fuel mileage this week has gone down from 32-33mph down to 24mpg...this was prior to the oil change. The winter blend of fuel must already be distributed...seems like my mpg goes down...
  3. FS - 2013 BRZ Turbo

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    I'm reluctantly selling my Black Turbo BRZ. It is in great condition, 43K, premium trim and Auto Trans. Extras included, Spare set of 18" wheels with Hankook RS3's (only 1-2 auto crosses left on them) AVO Turbo kit , Professional installed by TurboTime Professionally tuned by PTuning in VA...
  4. What Performance chips do you guys use?

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    I'm curious what other people are using, I've seen a few chips that promote 25-60hp gains and 5-15% mpg increase, so I'm curious what other are using and what the real numbers are.
  5. SoCal: BMW 330CI ZHP Convertible 6 SPD 55K Make an offer!

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  6. Gas mileage

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    I am so pleased with my white 2013 BRZ. I must be very lucky or very light-footed (although I autocrossed for 20 years). My last fillup was 40.2 mpg for 320 miles! I drove to Daytona Beach in February, 1800 mile round trip, and averaged 34.6 for the trip.
  7. All season tires???

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    I wasn't worried about the summer tires on this car because of the heavy lack of snow in the Philadelphia area the last few years... But driving homes from my girlfriend's college in the mountains with 3 inches of snow in March (3 weeks after I bought the car) wasn't quite as fun as they make it...
  8. Does the BRZ NAV display MPG??

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    In units you enter price per Gal, and somewhere else you enter MPG.. In the Trip Monitor I see all sorts of stuff. Does the NAV display MPG at all, and if so how do I get it to display. THANKS
  9. BRZ MPG -- +1 BRZ in Florida

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    2014 BRZ MPG -- What kind of MPG are you getting now?? By the way what kind of actual MPG are people getting?? Automatic-? Manual-? AUTO vrs MANUAL
  10. 2015 Subaru WRX First Drive

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    Read the complete 2015 Subaru WRX Review at
  11. New member

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    Hi, just picked up my MY '13 BRZ Limited 6spd manual in black this past Tuesday. Loving it so far. Coming from a 08 S2000 that I had for 4 years. No downside from stepping into the BRZ from the S.:) The BRZ reminds me a lot of my 07 RX-8 but with better gas mileage. Took a long drive after...
  12. The BRZ is growiBThe BRZ is growing on me.))RZ is growing on mehe BRZ is growing n me

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    so have to go check them out. At first I had reservations, but thinking of ways to get over them. The tires were one. Probably better for mpg.
  13. Did my first track day with the BRZ

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    Today was a great day. I ran my car at a HPDE at Atlanta Motorsports Park in basically perfect conditions (55 in the morning, 72 high). 15 minute sessions with an instructor in the morning, free lunch and drinks, then 20 minute sessions in the afternoon. My current setup seemed to work really...
  14. Why do people only believe in horsepower.

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    Just venting but Friday I had this guy come up to me and just basically talk a load of trash about my brz to me and my friend. He was saying oh your car is garbage. Only 200 horsepower. I have bugs I drag that are 750 HP. Your car is just a phase. Everyone will be over these cars soon. I got...
  15. If you have a discover card...

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    You get 5% cash back on online purchases oct-dec. I'm waiting till October to buy an exhaust and amazon also lets you use your cash back rewards directly at checkout. This isn't an ad for discover haha. Sent from Free App
  16. Post your highway MPG on BRZ Manual!

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    Hello all, This Tuesday I decided to drive my (almost 3 weeks old) BRZ for a long trip (310 mi. each way) to Rochester, NY! I live in northern NJ so to get to the upstate NY it's pretty much all highways from 55 to 65 mph speed limit. I did not buy my BRZ for its fuel economy but man, I got...
  17. Scion FR-S to Get More Power From Larger Engine

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    It comes as no surprise to hear that Toyota is working to generate more power for its popular 86 model, known as the Scion FR-S in America. The latest report does, however, contradict past rumors of a turbocharged engine, instead pointing towards something larger under the hood. The chief...
  18. Mileage

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    Not a sporty topic, but I am really impressed with the mileage of the BRZ as a daily driver and for trips. That is if you aren't shifting at red-line all of the time. I tend to get better than 30 mpg a tank in my commute through suburban/rural type area. It's about 25 miles each way with 15...
  19. New guy from Alabama

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    Alright, so my name is Danny. I am 22 and I just traded my 2010 Chevrolet Silverado with a Rough Country 7.5" lift and 325/60/20s (35s) in for a Subaru BRZ Limited. I got $27,500 for the truck. The car was $29,xxx and I got my APR down to 1.84%. I put roughly $8000 on the car and my payments are...
  20. K&N air filter

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    If anyone out there is looking for a cheap upgrade, go get one of these. I must say it isn't a giant, huge difference, but it is noticeable immediately. The throttle is more responsive, the engine revs harder and sounds a little better, and it pulls harder. It says you should see better mpg...