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  1. Subaru BRZ Builds and Projects
    I am toying with the idea of running a direct port nitrous setup on my soon to be brz. The setup will have a standalone c16 fuel setup with a progressive controller, custom tune with wideband and all supporting mods. Has anyone worked with n20 on these cars what are the common bugs that need...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Picked up my BRZ in December, garage until April :( but got to add some mods this summer! Tint, Invidia cat-back exhaust, Focal 04 wheels on BFG 235x18 tires, and some Nitrous Express fun in the trunk. Check out the picture folder on my profile page. Looking for anyone that wants to meet up in...
  3. Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Other than if you want a noisier car that is. The reason I ask is that none of the exhausts being made for this car give any specifics on any performance gains other than saying 'performance gain!' Well that's BS. I want to see HP and Torque specs, otherwise they're just expensive noisemakers...
  4. Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Vortech SC Kit on BRZ w/PERRIN Custom Tune » PERRIN Performance Official Blog
  5. Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Nitrous Express has a new nitrous system for the FR-S and BRZ that is designed to be a bolt-on, application-specific kit. It is actually pretty innovative what they did here. Normally, the end user would be responsible for installing the nitrous jets in the correct location somewhere along the...
  6. Subaru BRZ Dyno Numbers and Track Times
    I don't have my car yet, but it will be dynoed for baseline numbers as soon as the break-in is completed. I love these kinds of threads though so I will get it started. Please post in this format below. I will edit the first post of the thread so everyone can see their numbers compared to...
1-6 of 9 Results