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  1. Potential new owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hi there. I'm currently mourning the loss of my mk6 GTI and thinking what to get for my next car. I'm debating whether going back to the GTI (comfortable, plenty of torque, refined, but wrong-wheel-drive) versus the BRZ/86 (excels at handling). These are two different animals, where the GTI is...
  2. New BRZ Yellow

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. Well I did it this Monday. Traded in my 13 CR-Z on a new 17 Yellow edition. Picked it up with 80 miles on it and now have about 250. Have already installed the STi front lip and factory sub. The STi side and aft spoilers are on order. Have ordered the FT86 speed factory non aggressive...
  3. Rattle when I decelerate?

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Last night I installed a new exhaust and drove it around, everything seemed fine until I started it this morning and noticed when I'm at 4000 RPM and decelerating there's is a rattle noise and it sounds like it's under the hood but I'm not sure. Does anyone know what it could be or how to fix it?
  4. 2017 Engine Rattle/Detonation Noise

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Anyone experiencing a rattling noise around 2800 RPMs that sounds like knocking or detonation? It occurs under light load when I mash on the gas quickly. I had a dealership recommend switching to a top tier gas (Exxon, Shell, etc.) for a few tankfuls but haven't seen any improvement.
  5. BRZ and ND Winter

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I looked around some (very little) so I'm sorry if this topic has been talked about or possibly beaten to death... I got my 2013 new to me BRZ this summer and have been shopping around for something to drive over the winters here in the land of black ice and 35mph light breezes. Well yesterday...
  6. Trade in Part Out: Intake and Mudflaps

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Hey everyone, Sadly I had to trade in my BRZ, but that's good news for you guys I guess! I didn't have a lot of aftermarket parts but what I did is for sale. Below is a (short) list of what I have and the price: -GReddy Momentum Series Intake $250 -Rally Armor Black w/ Red Loggo $75 Both are...
  7. Subframe bushings first

    Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Thinking of suspension or tire mods? Do yourself a favour and fit rear subframe bushing inserts first. Whiteline from Australia are now on my BRZ. Fantastic upgrade. At the same time fit a transmission mount insert bushing. Firms up the shift action perfectly, almost more important than...
  8. New Custom Intake Idea

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    I recently received a Perrin filter (CAI filter, not the panel filter) from a family member that didn't know that there was more to replace to be able to install it. So, I got to thinking of ways to use this filter with little or no modification to the stock intake system, given how efficient...
  9. Dealer does not help!!!

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I bought my 2015 Subaru BRZ limited almost 2 months ago and after 300 miles I wanted to add some mods to it, so I ordered Perrin and Whiteline transmission mount inserts, Eibach swaybars and Perrin steering rack lockdown and installed them. Then I started to hear (what others have heard...
  10. Falken Pro G4 A/S

    Discount Tire
    If you're in the market for a value-packed performance all-season tire, the Falken Pro G4 A/S may be worth a look. Click here for : Falken Pro G4 A/S Sizes, Specs, Pricing and Details Falken invited Discount Tire employees from all over the country to join them in Las Vegas, NV for a day of...
  11. Clunking/rattle in 1st?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hello! I just test drove a '13 BRZ with about 18k miles on it and only noticed one thing wrong. When pulling away from a stop in 1st gear for the first couple seconds it would make a loud clunking/rattle that sounded like it was coming from between the shifter and the storage tray behind it. Has...
  12. Strange sound in rear end..

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a Loud strange noise coming from the rear diff. It only happens when the back end gets a little sideways and the traction control light flashed on the dash, like when you lose traction on snow or ice, it doesn't happen if the wheels are spinning going straight, only if there's a load on...
  13. Front crossmember loose

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    I recently had a noise from my front end, 2013 BRZ 20k miles, which was continually getting worse. Took it to the dealer and they said my front crossmember was loose so they loosened it up, re-aligned it, and re-torqued it. Now that it is cold again in PA seems to be making noise again. Anyone...
  14. Transmission clutch whine or sound- anyone?

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    Anyone recognize this sound? Had my transmission replaced in a manual- yes transmission! and to no avail- sound occurs when at around 3-4000 and depressing clutch. Dealer covered the repair BUT its back. Thought it was a throwout bearing- wasn't. I do not drive this car hard- just a daily...
  15. Performance brakes, pads & rotors for your Subaru BRZ
    Brake rotors can wear unevenly or become slightly warped over time, compromising your braking performance. Upgraded components ensure both quicker acceleration and quicker stopping time. When looking for new high-quality replacement brake pads, it is better to choose a product that will surely...
  16. BRZ 2015 Chirping

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I know this topic has been brought up before. However, the only topics/comments were last posted was around 2012-2013 and I was wondering if anybody was still having problems with this. I have a 2015 BRZ blue series and the chirping noise has started when I reached 500 miles. Any help or...
  17. Radio volume unstable anyone?

    Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    Hi, my radio volume has been going up and down while I'm driving. Is anyone else has this problem? Could it be my EQ setting or something else? I just got the BRZ last week, still learning about the car. Thanks!
  18. BRZ quick, affordable or necessary upgrades.

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I recently bought my 2013 BRZ and I was wondering if there were and quick, affordable or necessary upgrades that people recommend. Thank you
  19. Clutch Noise / Grinding

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Couldn’t find any threads specific to this so I thought I’d start one. When pushing in the clutch pedal, there is a pretty ugly noise coming from under the hood, it doesn’t do it all the time but when it does it’s loud and noticeable. Because it’s intermittent, it shut up as soon as I took it...
  20. Need advice from audiophiles on BRZ's bluetooth system. Does it work with the radio?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    [Hi. I hope it's okay if I put this on this forum. I have it on the "Audio and Navigation" forum also, but have not gotten any replies. Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated] Hi. This is a very involved question, so please bear with me... I have a new 2013 BRZ Limited...