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  1. Hi Everyone!

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    Hi Everyone! I just came across this forum, and I thought it looks like a great community that I'd like to be a part of. My name is Lawrence, and I have a 2015 Subaru BRZ, Aozora Edition (Series.Blue for my American friends) that I purchased in October 2014. I'm 30, and I live in the Toronto...
  2. 2015 Black BRZ Sport tech

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    17 years old, I live in toronto, Ontario. Purchased a new 2015 brz sport tech in black. Still need to wait for early September for the car to be delivered but in the meantime I was curious as to which exhaust system is the best bang for buck because I only have $800 to spend on it.
  3. New BRZ Owner, Ontario, Canada

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    I purchased my 2014 Premium Red (Wanted blue) BRZ back in April. Now I want to try out some track days and mods. I installed Perrin 3" air intake and stage one tune. I can't wait to try it on the track. I just need to know what brakes to throw on it and tires. That is why I joined this forum...
  4. My New Wheels

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    New wheels and coilovers. Wow
  5. Notes from a BRZ to WRX

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I know, write off the top you're saying totally different cars, you can't compare them, blah, blah. And you're right. But hear me out. I bought the last of my dealer's allocated BRZ's in 2012, picked it up in November in southern Ontario. I loved the whole concept behind the car, followed it...
  6. New from Ontario, Canada

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    Hi all! Just bought my '14 in late October. It was still on the hauler when I saw it and bought it! I managed to log a couple weeks of regular driving before winter hit, and it's been relentless where I'm at ever since! Racked up over 5000km in the snow with it now without any issues at all...
  7. Picked up a white-out sport tech I can't afford!

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    Hi guys! I'm Luke, 20 years old, living on my own earning $16 an hour, struggling to get by, and I just bought a pearl manual sport tech ( hooray for 9 year financing ). Before this I was just driving an everyday 07 civic, manual. It was between this or the 013 si, and everyday I'm more...
  8. BRZ, Insurance, and Aftermarket Exhaust in Canada

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Anybody in Canada have an aftermarket exhaust that their insurance company is aware of? I'm considering throwing a perrin performance catback exhaust on my BRZ but every insurance company I speak to is either shafting me with rates or saying they'll drop me if I do put it on.. In Canada...
  9. Ontario -GTA and surrounding area meets

    Events and Meets
    Any Canadian Ontarionians meeting up?
  10. My BRZ is a week old tomorrow!!!

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    Hi everyone! I got my beautiful Silver Limited AT BRZ a week ago tomorrow. I am loving it! Looked around for a while and finally found that Subaru of Ontario had some in transit. Spent a week and a half checking to see if it was still available every few hours before I finally put a deposit down...
  11. Anyone commuting into a city, like DC, NYC or LA?

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    As the title says, are you using your BRZ as a DD and commuting into the city? I am asking because I do this and commute to Wash. D.C everyday. Man it sucks, not because of all the lights but because the roads are so screwed up. There are huge divets, pot holes, steel plates, raised/lowered...
  12. Snow goers yet?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Any drive their brz in the snow yet? I am expecting the worst but I could be proven wrong. Sent from my SCH-I535 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  13. One of the fallen

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    For those like me that are still waiting for their new car to arrive, ask yourself how awful (and stupid) this owner must feel? Subaru BRZ wrecked, Estonia, photo #2 Based on the skid mark it looks like he went into the ditch sideways. He must of being screwing around some back road in...
  14. F/S my 1998 Subaru Legacy GT 5 Speed - Ontario Canada

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Hi Guys, I just bought a 2004 STI as my winter beater (lol) and I need to make room in the garage for my BRZ so the Leggy must go! My Legacy only has 110,000 miles on it or 170,000kms. Please have a look at my ad. My asking price is $4000 as there are many upgrades and low km's / miles...
  15. Canadian BRZ needs Winterizing

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Unfortunately winter is approaching rather fast for us living in Ottawa, Ontario. How do I make sure the car is properly store for the winter. A few things I will need to do are: 0: Clean storage area and cover it with a plastic drop-sheet vapour barrier 1: Cleaning out the interior and...
  16. Satin White Pearl Trunk Lid swap

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hi Guys, I have a customer that wants to buy the Limited / Sport Tech package BRZ and would rather not have the wing. Anyone out there that would like to swap for a wing? He lives in London Ontario, Canada. Thanks, SS
  17. Go find your BRZ NOW! 199 BRZs for sale on

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I don't know about eveyone else out there...but I am not waiting any longer. I ordered my DGM Limited back in April, just got a call from Subaru. They said I'm on the waiting list for AFTER November. FA-Q Subaru! I don't think so! I got on and found 199 BRZs for sale NOW. I found my DGM...
  18. Put a deposit in July and it's finally here! WRB Sport Tech

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    Finally have my World Rally Blue Limited ( Sport Tech ) West end of Toronto Ontario Canada, Tried to get the Vanity Plate "Hoser 1" But someone beat me to it. I am told I received the last blue BRZ to be had in Canada until sometime next year, they did mention there were 3 white and 2 silver...
  19. Anyone else on a "waiting" list for your BRZ?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    So after my parents put 500$ down for my moms BRZ, we were told the list is 30 people long. We knew going into it there was going to be a wait no matter what (build time or wait on a list). But 30 people and supposedly dealers are only getting 25 a year? I get that some of those 30 might go...
  20. Picked up my CBS BRZ this morning!

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Came in a few weeks earlier than expected because the dealership made a trade with another! So excited, it being my first subbie, manual and brand new in general. It is now #19 ish in Ontario apparently.