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    Hello, I am selling my First 86 items. All are unused and in perfect condition. Prices: $200 for the dash plaques/aluminum box $80 for the plate frame $20 for the pen with storage box I'd be willing to do $290 for all of them to save me the hassle of shipping them out separately. Extra items...
  3. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    I've never bothered getting vanity plates before, but I think the BRZ deserves some. Now, I'm seldom as clever as I think I am when it comes to these things, so I need some input. (Also, if you have plates, what are they?) OMGBRZ BRZBQ BRZED BEERZ SUBRORU SUBRZU BR ZED ZENITH
  4. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    How long did you guys wait to put them on it's been a month now with no plates. I'm waiting till I get the custom "BRZED" plates to pick up at the DMV. Right now I feel like putting the temporary ones.
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    I have to admit it: I hate having a front plate on my cars. To me, it is a real eyesore and detracts from the car's appearance in a significant way. I had not thought much about this until last fall when I was considering a BMW 328i. One particular dealer informed me that they do not drill...
1-5 of 13 Results