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    Event: 5th Annual Vancouver Island Poker Run For Camp Shawnigan When: August 23rd 2014 Weekend - Based on the timing it is possible to attend the Poker Run and dinner on the Saturday only and be back on the mainland that evening. Meet and greet with dinner and a cruz - Friday 22nd...
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    Hi all, Thinking that I might want to hop into BRZ STI (if it comes out) or something like S3k that may be nearing its release date in the coming years, I tried to find little more about leasing information on BRZ. On the Subaru's official website, the lease deal for Subaru BRZ Premium(MT) is...
  3. Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    Hey guys just wondering if floor mats come with the car or do I need to order them? Thanks I've looked but can't find anything definitive yet.
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    Subaru BRZ Displayed At the Sydney Motor Show as a Concept STI Sport Kit Subaru Previews BRZ STI Upgrades STI upgrades coming soon....Still no exact release date but we now know its available in the Austrailan Market. What are your thoughts and comments?
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    Hi, all, I placed an order in early August. In Australia the waiting time (at the time I ordered) was 9 - 10 months. Hence, I will not get the vehicle until June 2013 :( what a joke really, and I had to leave A$3,000.00 deposit.Also the cost of the BRZ is just on 37K. ridiculous I know, however...
  6. Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Long story short I melted a small portion of my lower rear valance, Lol. I would like to get a carbon fiber replacement or overlay but don't see a ton of options yet. I really like the one in the photo below from the FT86 forum but can't find any info on it or anything similar. Can anyone help?
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    We had a thread like this on another forum and its a lot of fun...and it continues to have legs for quite a long time as people get their cars and begin to have experiences both good... and yes, bad... I'll start... You know you own a BRZ when... > you waited months and months and were still...
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    So got off the phone with my dealer which I am #1 on the list. He said NOBODY has taken delivery of a BRZ in the U.S. as of yet. I hope to see mine about the first week of June he says now. Now sure he could be wrong but I havent seen anything on YouTube like I thought I would from someone...
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    So ship carrying the first shipment of Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ has landed at the Port of Los Angeles (Long Beach, CA). Release should be 4/30. Seems like people are getting their VINS right now. I know some lucky few have gotten calls from dealers expecting early next month to be delivery...
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    "We will be gettin two BRZ's in late next month. Are you still interested? We are now soliciting deposits for these two cars. regards," These guys are way behind on everything i already pre ordered my car somewhere else, and I pretended to not have a preorder to try and see if they were...
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    I do. I come on here shortly after I wake up during the work week and throughout the day, then when I come home :cool: How about you?
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    so april 20th is coming up, which many reviewers have said is the release date for the brz. does anyone know of anything new or any updates that will be coming out on april 20th..? are the dealers getting cars around that date?
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    So, if the release date is April 20th, like most have been saying, then doesn't that mean that Subaru will dish out 500+ brz's in April, and another 500+ in May and so on? SoA claims that there monthly goal is 500, I'm having trouble seeing why most people who pre-ordered won't get there BRZ's...
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    Here is what we know about the BRZ so far. Boxer engine, Rear-wheel drive Zenith in passion Specifications BRZ Codes: Premium 6MT = DZA/01, Premium 6AT = DZB/01, Limited 6MT = DZE/01, Limited 6AT = DZF/01 Engine: FA20 aluminium alloy 4-cylinder 16 valve Subaru Boxer, DOHC 2.0 Liter (1998cc...
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    so i have ready everywhere that april 20th is the day the car is coming out, does this mean that the dealers get the car(s) april 20th, assuming what i read is correct?
  16. Subaru BRZ STI Discussion
    With all the rumors, information and speculation spreading around about the faster version Subaru BRZ STI, the biggest question everyone has about it is, when will it be released!? Use this thread to discuss and share information on the BRZ STi release date. Since Subaru has been teasing...
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    So i was reading about all of the sales the BRZ is making in Japan, and i kept seeing one line in all of them that made me hopeful..
  18. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    With all the current hype about a Subaru BRZ turbo being possible and BRZ pricing said to be around $25 000 - $27 000, I think it's safe to say a Subaru BRZ turbo model (BRZ STi?) will range anywhere from low to mid $30k's USD. Are you guys ready to pay that much? Would you consider buying a...
  19. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Here's the link Here's the quote on the release date: Not bad. Road and track also did a review, and that April 20th date is written differently (A shipping date, not a sale start date)...
  20. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Does pre ordering a subaru brz guarantee a suburu in may? My dealership said they submitted my order as soon as the site opened on march 1st.