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    A story from MT magazine: STI-Badged Subaru BRZ Spotted Testing at the Nurburgring - WOT on Motor Trend It seems a turbo variant will be reserved for the next gen WRX, not the BRZ. Not a fan of the wing spoiler, but that is typical of anything STI.
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    manufacturer plate, i got a couple (poor) pictures of it what do you guys think, my guess at it being a preproduction version brought over for media use (photoshoots, etc) seem about right? Preproduction? Subaru BRZ Spotted « In My Travels
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    If you spotted a Subaru BRZ, let us know, post about it here.
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    this Subaru BRZ is currently on it's way to the Montreal Auto Show that starts tomorrow :D
1-7 of 7 Results