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  1. 2013 BRZ won't start. PID 0x122F confirmed malfunctioning clutch switch.

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I've been having intermittent "BRZ won't start" issues for the past two weeks. Green flashing key, no turnover whatsoever, the usual for this particular problem. I eventually proved that the clutch switch is failing intermittently by graphing OBD-II custom PID 0x122F (single value, formula...
  2. New to the forum - 2017 BRZ

    New Member Introductions
    Not new to the twins...this is my second one :) First one was a 2013 Scion FRS. I now have a 2017 Subaru BRZ with about 4200 miles on it. I am a regular on other forums but just got around to registering here :)
  3. Premium Subaru BRZ Heated sets control design

    Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    As you guys probably know already, the premium subaru brz's don't have heated seats which means they dont have the heated seats controls near the ebreak and instead its just a black rectangle. I was wondering if you guys know any cool stickers/designs or anything to cover it or put on it
  4. 2015 Satin White Pearl BRZ Premium

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked it up last night. We got an extreme hookup from the salesman who happens to be our son. I'll be able to retire my F150 as my daily driver. Love the look and handling.
  5. Best size tire for performance? Best Rim size?

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Sorry if this isn't the best spot, but wasn't sure where exactly to post this. The question is simply: What is the best tire size to improve the handling performance of the BRZ? Yes the stock tires are fun, but traction could definitely be improved on. And then that leads to the question of...
  6. side mirror anti-fog

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    Hi, Is there a way or anti-fog product I can use (except wipe it off) on the side mirrors so they don't get foggy in the morning? Thanks!
  7. Trunk wont open??

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I have a appointment to get my oil changed and will have them look at this issue as well. But it opened fine this weekend went to open it today to toss in some groceries and nope wont respond to anything. Key fob, button on the dash, or pushing in the handle on the trunk lid itself. Anyone have...
  8. 2014 WRB sport tech

    New Member Introductions
    Been wanting a WRX since 2002, but had just bought a Suzuki Esteem wagon in 2001( 5 & 7 yr old kids at the time). 300,000 km later it was time to pass the car to my youngest(we will time share in winter). As soon as I heard about the BRZ a few yrs back, it's what I wanted. So I got it. So far, 5...
  9. TPMS story

    Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Ok - so here's my TPMS story (so far): I bought from one of our forum members a set of used OEM wheels with Primacy HP tires mounted. Took them to my favorite tire shop to get them balanced (just to be sure) and swapped for my original OEM wheels. (I bought the car in October, and had the...
  10. Dash Lights on in Daytime?

    Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    I just bought a BRZ last Friday and I'm loving it, except for the fact that the instruments are invisible during the daytime while wearing sunglasses. (I live in Arizona and the brightness of the sun is ferocious, even in March!) All I can see is the needles. This morning, however, at...
  11. Anyone go from a VW GTI to a BRZ?

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I was on a waiting list for a BRZ in spring 2012. i passed it up for a VW GTI. Obviously, the GTI has an advantage in practicality. Its fairly entertaining to drive and is comfortably finished. Alas, I still yearn for RWD and oversteer. I thinking of selling the GTI and getting the BRZ. Has...
  12. Installing PlasmaGlow LED Switch?

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    Has anyone purchased the Plasmaglow LED Switches/does anyone know how to go about installing them? Product can be found here: PlasmaGlow 11100 Blue LED Fighter Jet Switch : : Automotive Thanks!
  13. Footwell lighting

    Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
    I'm looking at installing footwell lighting, and I want them to turn on when the doors open (act like the dome light). But I also am installing a switch to turn it on or off. I want it to act like the dome light but also be able to be turned on/off while the car is running without the dome light...
  14. ABS & VDC warning lights and no brake lights

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I noticed the ABS & VDC warning lights were on the other day and booked the car in but then noticed, when backing into a parking spot, that I had no brakes lights. The dealership replaced a stop light switch and all was well for 15 minutes when the two warning lights came back on. But I had...
  15. Oil filter?

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guy, about to change the oil in my car to a performance oil (amsoil 0w 20) from factory break in. I know amsoil is great stuff however i realized i know jack*&^$ about oil filters, so i vow to use only the best and id like to know what your suggested brands are and if possible why. Thanks...
  16. led interior mod?

    Subaru BRZ How to / Do It Yourself (DIY)
    anybody thinking to put LED strips under the dash shining on the drivers and passengers feet? A buddy of mine did this in his jetta and tied them into his running lights so he doesnt have a random switch on his dash. This way everything looks completely factory and they will turn on...
  17. Headlight Bulb Replacement

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    So I tried to swap out the oem hid's for 8000k ones. I've worked on cars and know a little but found it near impossible. Messed up the bulbs I got and scared to put the stock ones back in. I'm pretty sure it's simple but I can't seem to do it. Can anyone help! Thx. Sent from my Autoguide...