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    If this is true the resale value of the BRZ could be pretty good. From the article: A new report coming from Australia indicates the Subaru BRZ might not receive a second generation. It seems the Subaru BRZ could be terminated after only one generation in the event that Toyota and BMW will...
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    Check it out What do you think?? Toyota GT 86 Convertible Leaked Ahead of Geneva Motor Show Debut | News
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    I'll see it when I believe it.
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    Real of fake?
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    The Toyota GT 86 could largely be considered as a car that is likely to usher in a completely new affordable sports car market. Even though the car has been praised from a variety of aspects, KW automotive decided to tackle the GT 86’s suspension set-up by releasing a new set of their...
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    It’s hardly a surprise that the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ are the star of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, with all the aftermarket companies embracing the enthusiast platform with new products. There’s simply no better way to show off what you have available on the market than with a GT 86 or BRZ...
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    Toyota has announced that the 2013 Scion FR-S has won the first Car of the Year Award, but the website fails to recognize the major contribution from Subaru. Toyota has announced that the 2013 Scion FR-S has been honored with the Car of the year award. This is the...
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    Whats your opinion if the Subaru BRZ had an option to become Diesel? Would you guys buy it? Today I want to share with you a reflection. I assume not any rumor or talk, nor, I am sure that these models arrive someday to exist. But doing an exercise of imagination not very crazy, imagine that...
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    The dates are lining up, now we wait to see how the badges align. Just before the Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ line-up was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, there was a report that Subaruwas considering a convertible while Toyota wouldn't even comment on it. That got swapped...
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    With the wheels and tires from a Toyota Prius and only 200 horsepower on tap, the GT 86 (Scion FR-S) was always going to be about the fun side of life. And what could be more fun than hooning in a drop-top version. According to AutoCar, this will be ready very soon, as Toyota has optedto show...
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    After it started its public life as a simple rumor and than it was eventually caught testing on the Nurburgring just a few weeks ago, the production version of the Subaru BRZ STI is getting closer and closer by the day to its future customers. A rumor which is saying that the production version...
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    Subaru BRZ turbocharged is under development Factory turbo prediction for Subaru BRZ | Subaru developing engine for BRZ Turbo RUMOR MILL anyone?
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    Subaru is famous for two things: turbos and four-wheel drive. So the brand’s faithful followers were shocked to learn that its latest sports car – the BRZ – features neither of those traditional selling points. Instead, this 2+2 coupe attempts to go back to basics and deliver what Subaru calls...
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    Please feel free to post anything related to the 2014 model year BRZ in this thread. 2014 Scion FR-S / Toyota GT 86 Convertible Rendered – News – Car and Driver This ^ is a speculative article showing possible renditions of the 2014 MY BRZ convertible (if there even will be one). The purpose...
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    The Toyota GT 86 has been one of the brand's video stars this year, gobbling up millions of frames as it makes friends in each new land. The story is no different in the Philippines, where a troupe of GT 86 coupes starred in a precision driving and drifting display at an airfield. Put together...
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    Meet the brains behind the Toyota GT 86 - BBC Top Gear if u read the whole thing they hint at the end about a new supra "That's a very good hybrid drivetrain, but it's for the man who has an unlimited amount of money. I don't like that. I want to build a car that everybody can afford, a car...
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    Intriguing: Meet the brains behind the Toyota GT 86 - BBC Top Gear