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  1. Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Recently bought a '17 brz limited and just couldnt stand the looks of the factory bicycle tires it comes with. Had a set of wheels in 17x8" with 235/45 all season tires mounted up that came off my WRX and decided to try them for fit and looks. Fell in love with the package. Driving dynamics were...
  2. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    I am selling a set of 4 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors off of a 2014 Subaru BRZ. I put the BRZ wheels onto my Forester and needed to get new TPMS, so these can be yours for cheap! Message me with questions
  3. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Purchased from Tire Rack and installed in my winter tires Two seasons of use. $45 for the set shipped CONUS - PayPay only. Local pickup is fine too (MD) - cash or PayPal.
  4. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    New (less than 100 miles), not a scratch on these wheels TR Motorsports 17x8 +45 wheels 17.1 lbs. Light Grey Painted (not black but pretty dark) 1pc. Low Pressure Cast w/Flow Forming ***Includes TPMS sensors*** BFG Comp-2 215/45ZR17 tires Local pickup only, I will drive up to an hour to meet...
  5. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Looking at putting 16" wheels with 225 50 16s on my BRZ. The 17s are a tough ride, even here in Florida. Anyone 'down graded'? Just did 3 track days in MX5 at Sebring, not a wimp, thought I'd look at all options before switching off stock set. Wheels and tires less expensive in 16s, looks...
  6. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Looking for 4 Stock wheels to use for autocross. They don't need to be in perfect condition. I don't want tires or TPMS. Looking for them to be shipped to DE 19720. Thanks! Arren Edit: Bought a set a couple days ago.
  7. Discount Tire
    Available in 15-inch to 18-inch sizes in 4 and 5 lug bolt patterns, the Voxx MGA features a clean and sporty 5-spoke design that will keep your ride looking sharp. Its affordable price make it a popular choice for sedans, sports cars and CUVs. Click Here For: Sizes, Specs, and Pricing on the...
  8. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    I just traded my 14 BRZ in for XV Crosstrek and I no longer need the winter tire/wheel set up. Bought and put them on 12/18/14 and drove about 200 miles on them. So it's practically new. Tires : 4x Continental Extreme Winter Contact XL 205/55R-16 - pratcally new at 200 miles (pretty much out of...
  9. Discount Tire
    The MB Wheels 14 combines style and value in a simple, easy to clean 5-spoke design. Backed with a lifetime guarantee against workmanship and structural defect, the MB14 is an excellent choice for dedicated winter set-ups or year round use Click Here For: Sizes, Specs, and Pricing on the MB...
  10. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Ok - so here's my TPMS story (so far): I bought from one of our forum members a set of used OEM wheels with Primacy HP tires mounted. Took them to my favorite tire shop to get them balanced (just to be sure) and swapped for my original OEM wheels. (I bought the car in October, and had the...
  11. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Continental ExtremeContact DW 225/45-17 mounted on Enkie EKM3(Bright Satin Silver Paint) 17x7 wheels. TPMS are also included. Like new, used for approx. 1000 miles. This setup was purchased from the Tire Rack. $700 Will send pictures on request or can be seen at TIRERACK.COM. Can deliver within...
  12. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Recently got a set of wheels and tires with new TPMS units. I have an ATEQ VT30 to reset/sych the new ones but can not find in the manual how you initiate the learning mode? Does anyone have any ideas? The unit shows Subaru BRZ as compatible with the VT30. Help
  13. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Just got a set of motegi so Im trying to sell set of wheels and tires. I live in northern virginia area and neone can pick it up weekday after 7 PM or anytime during weekend. Wheel has regular stem valve instead of tpms. Let me know if any one is insterested!
  14. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Never used, brand new. I sold my BRZ, my loss is your gain. I paid $1,440 for the package. Asking $900 plus shipping. Rims are MSW 16 inches Tire size is 205/55/R16
  15. Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    These were taken off of the car after 150 miles. They are complete (balanced, with TPMS sensors) and in like new condition. No curb rash or flaws of any kind. Asking $1,000 for set of four plus shipping. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.
  16. Subaru BRZ Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    BRZ is my first car with TPMS and I have questions. 1) I don't have my owner's manual with me at work. What is the threshold for the TPMS light? Lets say my front tires are at 32psi. When will it alert? Is the threshold settable for front and rear or is it a static number? 2) Lets say I...
1-16 of 16 Results