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  1. Car won't start

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    Hi! Newbie here :) I have a 2017 manual BRZ that I've had for about 8 months and now she's decided that she is not going to start intermittently, after being perfect all that time. When she plays up, I get a half-hearted crank, then absolutely nothing when I press the strait button - the radio...
  2. Unlock & Lock system not working

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys! I have a 2013 BRZ Premium and I recently have run into the issue where whenever I press unlock or lock on my FOB it takes about 20 times of me pressing the button for it to unlock. At first I thought I just needed to have the battery replaced in the FOB but the other day I tried...
  3. Locked Trunk

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    So there is a button in the trunk on the drivers side that if hit disables the automatic opener, latch and key opener. (Stupid) Then you have to get into the trunk by lowering the back seat and using the manual release then hit the button to turn on the latch. Well what do you do if this happens...
  4. BRZ Limited

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    2013 Subaru BRZ Limited VIN: JF1ZCAC1XD1604069 Current Mileage: 12,850 This vehicle has been our demo, show and product development vehicle for over 3 years. We're still attending local events this year so the mileage will slowly continue to climb. The entire list of modifications is as...
  5. BRZ Trunk liner $30.00

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Subaru BRZ trunk liner for sale- $30 plus shipping. New condition.
  6. Hey hi how ya doin

    New Member Introductions
    What's going on guys. Just joined up. I am the owner (as of a week ago) of a brand new 2015 BRZ. Excited to meet some other BRZ owners. I'm located in sunny Atlanta and like to split my free time between my car and my motorcycle. Also, I'm in the market for a BRZ premium trunk (the one...
  7. ISO BRZ premium (regular) trunk

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    Hello all, I'm looking for a trunk for my BRZ in WRB pearl. I have the limited but do not much care for the trunk and would like to get my hands on a regular one so that I can install the BRZ ts spoiler and not have to worry about fixing those pesky holes in the lid. Thanks
  8. BRZ Trunk Liner

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    BRZ OEM Trunk Liner Mat in new condition- send message. $30 plus shipping.
  9. Original BRZ Michelin Tires and trunk tray

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    I have a set of 4 Michelins Primacy HP's that came off of my 2013 BRZ with approx 18,000 miles on them. Still Plenty of tread left. Size: 215/45R17. $200 for the set. See pic Also an OEM Subaru BRZ trunk liner mat- $30 Can mail trunk tray- you cover shipping. reply here if interested. Thanks.
  10. Zeus Style Body Kit by Duraflex for your Subaru BRZ
    If you are still not ready to upend your ride, but already wanted to upgrade its look somehow, then body kit could become a real solution. This whole new body kit manufactured by Duraflex will do the job and transform your ride into a real head-turner. Duraflex® 112111 - Subaru BRZ 2013-2015...
  11. Red BRZ Interior! Looking for additional ideas. Enjoy please comment

    Subaru BRZ Interior Appearance
  12. Rear tail light stress cracks

    Subaru BRZ Exterior and Body
    35 k miles one large crack at trunk lid Many feather type cracks all along bottem of left lens cover Same feather cracks on right side
  13. FS- BAY AREA- Carbon,57Xtremes,Valenti,Nvidia,Greddy,Cusco-

    Subaru BRZ Classified Forum
    hello, All parts will be off by this coming wednesday evening and at the latest thursday morning. Please let me know if you have any interest. Only doing bay area meetups/shipping if needed as long as you cover the charge. Nvidia Q300 with burnt tips - 575 on vehicle for 4k miles Valenti...
  14. Need Canadian help!!!

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I live near Toronto and wasted to know if the BRZ can handle winters like the one we had last year, -40 bs lol. Im 19 and this is gonna be my first car, I've been driving since i was 15 and i can drive rwd, manuals and all that, I'm sure i can control the car but can the car handle like 6 inches...
  15. Spare wheel dilema

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I´m currently looking to buy a new BRZ but one of the things which I find a little annoying is the lack of any sort of spare wheel. Cans of ¨gunk¨ just don´t appeal to me if you happen to have a shredded tyre, along way from home and no mobile phone reception. I nearly fell off my chair, when...
  16. New Balance shoes that can assist you avid gamers

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    The unique continuing shoes at the same time shoes and also booties are generally developed in addition to man-made materials, suede, nylon uppers, and also every single these kinds of presents. Tag practically just about any new balance españa males in conjunction with may well taking into...
  17. Trunk wont open??

    Subaru BRZ Problems, Recalls and Troubleshooting
    I have a appointment to get my oil changed and will have them look at this issue as well. But it opened fine this weekend went to open it today to toss in some groceries and nope wont respond to anything. Key fob, button on the dash, or pushing in the handle on the trunk lid itself. Anyone have...
  18. Integrity Concepts 10" Passenger enclosure review

    Subaru BRZ Audio and Navigation
    This is a review of my experience with Integrity Concepts and their 10" passenger side sub enclosure. Communication ----------------- I first contacted Integrity Concepts via PM regarding their 10" passenger side sub enclosure on June 3rd. I received a prompt response within a few hours that...
  19. SCION FRS TRD accessories now available

    Subaru BRZ Engine and Technical Discussion
    And we know they'll fit our BRZ. Scion FR-S | Accessories | Check out the roll bar kit: 20.5 mm front and 15.8 mm rear...pretty close to the recommended sizes fitted by Whiteline in Australia, essentially their stage I upgrade. Note the TRD front bar has three adjustment...
  20. Ham Radio Gear

    Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone installed any two-way radio gear, such has amateur (ham) radio gear in a BRZ? Any problems? The manual has vague warnings about problems that could occur, but I think the owners manual for most cars probably does, too, just in an abundance of caution. I'd like to put 2-meter (VHF...