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    So the time has arrived. The local dealership just emailed me telling me they got the prices for the 2014 BRZ model. This will be my first car purchase and was wondering what would be a reasonable price for a Limited / automatic. MSRP is $28,695. I'm emailing local (san diego) subaru dealerships...
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    Hi everyone! Just signed my contract for a BRZ today and I'm really excited about it. I'm an American living in Germany, just a few miles from Austria. I think it will be a blast driving a BRZ on our mountain roads. I hate to give up my Mini Clubman S -- see him at Less is more | Mini...
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    Hello all. Put in an order for a Dark Gray Premium last week and I'm waiting for the VON. Hope to get it in around Aug or Sept. Saw a few this past weekend on my way to the Georgia Tough Mudder. This will be my second Subaru. My first was a 2002 WRX WRB. Currently I drive an ultra pimp 2010...
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    We have all been reading about problems many of us have had when placing a request (or 'order') for a special limited production vehicle. Some of us find that the dealer makes promises or false representations of the availabilty of a specific vehicle. In some cases, the potential buyer may...
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    Hey Dudes, I'm pretty much posting this as a slight call for help since I haven't dealt with dealerships before but realize when I'm being screwed a bit and am curious what you guys have to say, or offer advice on the matter. Way back in July I went with this dealership because they guaranteed...
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    9/15/13: The last of the BRZ has arrived from port. All other BRZ's are now in-stock. At the same time, our first 2014 has been allocated!! Ironically, it's the same package and color as the last 2013 we received... how fitting! As mentioned with last update, in face of having too many BRZ's in...
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    Dealer told me today my brz has now been ordered. But there is no vin number been given yet.Anyone know what this means?
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    Dropped by my freindly neighbor hood Subie dealership and put a downpayment on my delayed/wait list GBS Limited with the Auto tranny. I got the standard ETA of 3-6 months. But, I am sure nobody has ever had this issue :rolleyes: