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    Selling my 2015 SERIES BLUE, here is your chance to own a limited build series blue, one of only 500 made in Crystal White Pearl, the car is in perfect condition inside and out, 21,859 adult driven miles (I'm 59) it's is a non smoker car, always garaged, oil and filter changed every 5000 miles...
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    Summer car. No issues. Very clean. Garaged and covered in winter. Text if interested. Southern Wisconsin area. Will send pic's. 608-290-4632
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    Well after giving this a lot of thought, about 3 days, I decided to wait till spring before I would get a used BRZ. I figured with winter just around the corner, better to keep my 2014 Forester limited. That was yesterday, about 2 hours ago I changed my mind and decided to get a new 2015 Blue...
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    I'm in East Lansing
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    I've been jonesing for a BRZ since I first saw one at the auto show in Chicago a few years ago. Well, finally pulled the trigger tonight! Pick up our 2014 Limited in WR Blue (6 -speed manual) on Monday! We bought at Harms Subaru in Janesville, WI, two miles from the house and it's the easiest...
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    To be honest, this isn't what I had planned for the Subaru BRZ's January update. I'm parked on I-90 in a whiteout blizzard wondering how well the snow tires will work in the rapidly accumulating snow -- if I ever get moving again. I really wanted to be in a southern state testing our R-compound...
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    I dont know who else liked the Superbowl trailer but I'm curious who in the Chicagoland area would wanna set up a midnight showing meet for fast and furious 6? :P Sent from Free App
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    I've noticed a number of post pertaining to the CEL. What mileage should I expect it to start happening??? Also, does Subaru acknowledge the issue????
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    Just place my order for a Dark Gray Metallic - Limited - Manual! Here's hoping I get it before the snow flies!
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    Ordered on the 1st of March (DGM prem 6MT). Dealership told me ETA today, August 20th. There may be some deliveries in Atlanta? Hope it comes in earlier, because I will be leaving on the way to a Baltic cruise for 10 days. At least it will be good to know it's finally here!!!! Reading all the...
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    i found a brz waaaayyyyyyyyy up north that is exactly like the one i want. the dealership has a lot of good reviews online so were in the process of trying to get the car from them, but my dad wants to use a friend who also works at a dealership to do all of the negotiation and paperwork. the...
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    so i just looked on autotrader and there are a bunch of listings for brzs all 1000+ miles from me. seems like most are from the northern part of the country. i know dealers will move cars from dealerships sometimes when they are close by to an area where they are wanted. think there is any...
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    So i'm posting this hoping to get some relative info to my location on BRZ delivery's in wisco. I tried searching the forums to see if anyone in wisco has recieved their VIN or ETA on their BRZ. i pre-ordered from the dealer back on 3/02 and was 3rd in line. It looks like a lot of coastal places...
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    My friend Grant has asked that I pass along an invitation to the BRZ enthusiasts in SE Wisconsin. I will be lucky to see it next Tuesday and take delivery of mine the day after Memorial Day from his dealership. Going to be a LOOOOONG holiday weekend of waiting for me.:cool: Join us for food...
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    Which did you pre-order? Do you think it's work $2,000 more for what you get with the limited?
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    I went back and forth about buying a BRZ, I was right on the edge and then I watched the two part video with the engineers being interviewed about their design process and the amount of detail that went into the overall design just blew me away. My history is mainly older Hondas with an 05 MCS...
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    So ship carrying the first shipment of Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ has landed at the Port of Los Angeles (Long Beach, CA). Release should be 4/30. Seems like people are getting their VINS right now. I know some lucky few have gotten calls from dealers expecting early next month to be delivery...
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    Bergstrom Subaru of Oshkosh, WI will have our BRZ Launch Party on Wednesday, April 25th from 4:00 until 7:00. The pre-production BRZ will be in the showroom in addition to a showing of specialty Subaru vehicles outside! If you're within driving distance, please come take a look! We're about...
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    DID anybody go to a different dealer than the one in there home town because the tax rate was lower at a dealership farther away from were they live,most people don't think about that in the total price.
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    Don't get excited I have no VIN yet either just a VON but thought a post for USA VIN notifications would give everyone a place for just USA info and not Canada which appears to be receiving VIN's. As a side note SOC and SOA may not operate the same way. In March of 2010 I ordered my Legacy...