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2014 AC problem

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Noticed the AC vents does not have cool air with AC on, full blast, so I bought an Arctic Freeze at Walmart as lack of Freon may be an issue after several searches. Followed the instructions and after charging the AC on the Low line as instructed, still no cold air. Tried to move the knob from cool to heat and back, that did not help.
The Freon gauge showed the tip to be on the blue after the charge but still no cold air.

Has anyone ever had this situation? How did you fix it?
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It could be a lot if things. Also most of the refriderant 134a and 1234yf contain an sealant aditive which can clog the condenser and it usually only has a temporary fix.... if you take it to shop with the refriderant seal and they run it theough the machine it will clog other peoples cars too. If you have a leak, the pressure could be off causing the systems to malfunction. Since AC is dependent on refrdgerant changing in states of matter between a liquod and gas. It is also dependent on pressure, and temperature.

if you do not have leak it could be a clog/dirt/debris/sealant keeping this from happening or a faulty component. I suggest learning about AC systems, how they work. And replacing the faulty component and/or identifying the issue, evacuate the system and recharge or take it to shop. Best of luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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