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This is a long one but I am trying to provide as much useful information as possible.
I did not have this car built so I'm going based off the information that I was provided from the previous owner who is also not the person that had the car built and what I can visually see on the vehicle.
This car is a dedicated track day car for me and does not get driven on the street as a daily driver or even a light commuter.
19,5400 miles
Engine buildstock block
Turbo GT3076R
Tial waste gate and BOV
Grimm speed 3 port boost controller
ECUTek tune by HRI tuning
Walbro fuel pump ( don't know model number)
Large front Intercooler (unknown brand)
I'm not sure of the injector sizing but I know they were replaced for higher flow

To my best understanding all of the motor work was done to the car in 2015. All parts were installed by a custom shop ( Kab customs) in FT Lauderdale Florida and the tuning was done by HRI tuning in Florida as well. The suspension upgrades continued from 2015 up to 2017.

To my understanding there is no internal motor work that was done such as pistons or rods.

Shortly after receiving the car I reached out to HRI tuning to see if we could tune the car with the current ecutek racerom features and add a flex fuel tune. The car has a flex fuel kit but I learned it was only running on E85. I discovered this because I filled it up with 93 and the car promptly died after driving it for about 30minutes. I drove the car from my house for 30 minutes and parked it and when I got back to it it would not start. I had the car towed home, removed the fuel pump and siphon the gas from the tank. I put 10 gallons of E85 in and it ran fine.

A few days later I ran an errand and took the car to a gas station. After I came inside from the gas station I could not get the car to restart. It was reading just under half a tank and I thought that perhaps I did not reinstall the fuel basket correctly or I had a messed up float. I had my wife bring me 5 gallons of E85 that I had at the house, I put it in the car and it started immediately and I drove it home.

After I received the second tuning program from HRI tuning ( first test tune there were no known issues) I took the car out to do some data logging. The car went down the road approximately a ¼ mile and I lost all Throttle response whatsoever. It would only idle. I was attempting to idle homes since I was only ¼ mile or so away and out of nowhere the throttle came back and everything reacted perfectly fine. I took the car out a few days later on a second test to do data logging runs and lost all Throttle response two or three times but this only happened for a matter of seconds each time. I discussed this with the tuner and he provided the last original good tune for the car from the previous owner. This is the tune that I received with the car when I purchased it. I used that tuning program and drove the car for approximately an hour to an hour and 15 minutes and had no issues whatsoever.

Each time the car has died or had an issue there have been no codes that show up in the computer.

I took the car to a track day at Road Atlanta on the 10th. For the first two sessions in the morning the car worked perfectly. During session 3 about the first 10 or 15 minutes the car was fine and all the sudden it acted like it was out of gas and the engine died and would not restart. The fuel gauge was showing half a tank so I put in an additional 7 gallons and the car started right up. It led me to believe the fuel gauge was off and I thought I was fine.
I went out for the third session and I heard an odd noise which I later learned was the throw out bearing (I heard a slight sound of a bad bearing and when I lightly pressed the clutch it went away. It is coming from the area of the clutch as well) and third gear is now grinding at higher RPM. I did not finish that session and wanted to check the car out before taking it out again.
I decided if 3rd gear was damaged I would continue to drive the car since repairs would have to be made. It wouldn't matter if it got worse. I started in the late afternoon on the 4th session and didn't even make it one lap before the car died as though it had no gas and no throttle response of any kind. After sitting in the paddock after the 4th session I was able to start the car and pull it onto the trailer. I did crack open a fuel line when the car first came in when it wasn't starting to see if it had fuel pressure and it appeared to.

Each and every time the car has died or had no throttle response no engine codes have come up.
I'm now beginning to wonder if some of the first couple of times I had issues with it starting are related to what's recently been happening.
The car is currently at All Pro Subaru in Kennesaw Georgia. They could not reproduce the problem and have recommended for me to replace the throttle pedal even though no codes have pointed to that. They did say they found a loose connection on the float and believe that was the issue why it wasn't showing the proper amount of fuel on the fuel gauge.
I do have a data log file where the issue actually showed up that I can share if anyone can help review that information.

On a side note the transmission is being replaced with a completely built transmission from Jack's transmissions.
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