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If you want to go faster you on the track, you need to try to push yourself beyond the point of being a little afraid.

You have to hit the brakes a little later before entering a corner and you have to apply throttle a bit sooner before leaving it. But doing things like that can end up as a catastrophic and potentially costly failure (trust me, I’ve been there), but for whatever reason, the 2018 Subaru WRX STI that I was piloting around the Area 27 Motorsports Park in British Columbia, Canada, kept me planted on the road no matter how fast I tried to go.

Entering that corner a bit too fast and didn’t scrub off enough speed? Applying brakes late while turning didn’t send the car off into the greenery like it would in more skittish vehicles; the WRX STI just tucked its nose in a little more allowing you to complete the turn and end where you wanted to. Just after hitting the peak of the corner, if you start applying power even if the car’s weight is still moving around, the WRX STI sends the juice where it needs to and you’re off on your way. It took all my dumb ideas and made me look like a genius. Each bark from the car’s turbocharged boxer engine was another 'Yes sir' like I was an oblivious boss in a room full of obedient cronies, as they all figured out how to be successful and I revel in their success.
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