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New to cars in general so forgive me for using the wrong terminology.
I have a 2013 BRZ (140k-ish miles) and a couple of months ago it threw 3 codes for a bad knock sensor. The mechanic shop I go to said it's not worth replacing and that it isn't going to hurt it with a bad sensor, as long as it is not actually knocking. 2 months later I have to get the sparkplugs/coils replaced and cause it kept throwing codes for that, which ended up being around a $700 job (parts and labor) because I couldn't manage to get to the sparkplugs out myself so I had them do it.
Now the bad knock sensor code is back. I don't care to get it fixed necessarily, but whenever the engine light turns on the car enters some type of limp mode and barely has any acceleration.
I daily this car and commute well over an hr each day for work. I have looked for some video or forum that I can understand to possibly replace them myself but cannot find anything. If you got suggestions, had this problem yourself, or know a video/forum that explains how to do it yourself, if possible, please share.
I've got access to the tools for basically anything I want to do to the car so tools shouldn't be an issue.
Any help or advise would be awesome 😞
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