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Is there such a thing? Is it REALLY a thing? I want to start with the short shifter and maybe the shift knob. Have been looking at the STI items for the BRZ. Body items such as the attached. Are they meant to be painted to the vehicle color or stay flat black? Not sure if adding an STI logo or maybe more than one(front and rear) would be too much. My year model(2016) is pre-tS. Curious about the body panels. I think they would look good, again, not sure about the color intention. I suppose it would add to the bottoming out and scraping potential would increase. Still getting used to keeping away from curbs up front when parking.

Is there such a thing as STI intake and exhaust? I am used to the TRD world with Toyota and Scion I have had in the past. Maybe Subaru and STI do not work that way.

Thank you for any information. I know there are a lot of exhaust options and not sure on the intake(cold air) or otherwise. I would prefer not to have something loud and annoying. I really liked the tone of the TRD exhaust on my tC. Not much backfire, if any. I do really like the look of the titanium burnt tips.

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