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I did this the past weekend - was pretty easy but the directions I got with the kit was mostly pictures which got confusing from time to time. I also didn't have my phone with me so had no opportunity to take pictures. So I'm hoping some input to others using the pictures will make this easy. I got a stripper model as I wanted it as light as possible for some track action. I think it's a "premium" and I didn't have the options added to jack up the price as well. Bought the kit for ~ $300 (many, many months ago).

Starting off. I did not have a jack with me at the time so did not jack up the front and remove the wheels so it can be done but takes more fussing to get off the clips on the front splash shield.

Inside the Car:
Removing the lower dash: You'll have to remove the side trim of the dash to get at a screw on the side, and the right side is another screw at the bottom. Then pull it out towards the driver. Remove the wiring clips for the other items (mark the two white colored clips as they look way too similar). Remove the small plate. You are supposed to drill a 20 mm hole but I used a 1/2" hole bit and then a 3/16" drill bit (used it like you use to cut drywall) to make the hole bigger to fit the switch tightly. It takes some time but it's plastic so it makes quick work of it. The plug is taped to the same harness that runs to the panel. You'll need to trim back the white tape to make enough room to clip the vampire clips on. Black w yellow wire clip goes to the same wire on the harness - same with the white. Push the wire you are tapping securely into the clip to make sure it seats properly. Clip everything back up and put the dash back in place. Add fog light sticker.

Removing the Splash Shield:
Removing the splash shield. This wasn't so bad - as I had a small right angle ratcheting screw driver that made quick work as the tires were still on the car). 4 clips take a philips screwdriver to gently back them out (don't push hard as they won't back out and will stay locked). Then another clip on the splash shield uses a standard screw driver pops out like normal plastic clips. Then remove the two clips underneath and the 10mm bolt (which was really, really tight so it was bending the splash shield but brute force prevailed - likely full of debris from salt/grime). Pull back splash shield.

Look at your car and the fog light kit to see which side goes where and orient yours properly.

Removing the Front Shroud and LED DRL:
Remove the LED lights and trim by taking out the two nuts with a 10 mm socket (low profile 1/4" drive ratchet is your friend here as it gives you lots of room). Pull out the LED light first from the front and remove the black plastic shroud (make mental note of how it goes back in - outside first then inside). The connectors are clipped up above so you'll want to use brute force to break it free so you can get access to the connectors. The connectors would not release with me pushing the release button so I used a standard screwdriver to push down on the release and then turned it and it separated easily. They are out now.

Installing the Fog Lights
The picture was simply confusing as I could not tell from it how the fog light fit. So after some testing of how to mount it I found out that the fog light mounts to the car first before you put anything else on. The fog light adjustment screw needs to be on the bottom so you can tell right from left pretty easily. Also notice on the car there are two holes where you put the clip on nuts and they have have tabs where it locks them in place (it is the two outside holes you only mount to as the inside ones a tab on the fog light slips in). The nut side should be on the front of the clip as the bolt will go in from inside the car to mount them in place. The fog lights will have to go under the bumper where the splash shield was to get them inside. Put the bolts in and tighten. Next up put on the fog light plastic shroud opposite of removal (make sure tabs are in.). Put in the new LED DRL and plug the wires (they are different connectors so you can't screw it up). Put on the two nuts and tighten. Reattach splash shield. Repeat on the 2nd side and it will take 1/4 the time.

Test lights and enjoy. If it doesn't work check the vampire clips as they might be the culprit. Also the e-brake may need to be disengaged to get them to turn on.
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