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Front pipes

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First thing I binned, was the factory airbox that had a cracked mount underneath it. Replaced it with a Perrin intake & intake tube that deletes the cabin sound nonsense. Got the data from perrin and whacked it in to the OFT2, so running their default stage 1 tune with the Perrin MAF info, and have their stage 2 for catted headers saved in the tablet with the Perrin MAF data ready to go.

Have ordered HKS UEL catted headers because I want my subie rumble back, also ordered a HKS overpipe to keep on brand. Will get both ceramic coated before I install them and flash with the stage 2 OFT tune at the same time so I hopefully don't have to stuff around lifting the engine. These will take a few weeks.

I have my eye on the HKS spec L catback based mainly on noise. I test drove a 2013 with an obnoxiously loud catback and was not a fan. HKS only makes a dual resonated but they don't make a catted front pipe, so I can't keep it HKS from the engine to the exhaust tips.

That leaves the front pipe.

I am wondering whether I can just get any frontpipe with a high flow cat to remain compliant, and it looks like the spec L has resonators already. There aren't many catted & resonated front pipes that I can find. Thinking AVO has a catted frontpipe that comes already ceramic coated to the cat. Or there is an SME catted and resonated front pipe.

Any recommendations or insights in to front pipes? Given the rest of the system I have planned?
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