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Gearbox HELP

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I have a 2016 BRZ manual.
I recently changed the gearbox oil on my car, simple enough job you would have thought :rolleyes:

Like a muppet instead of removing the correct drain plug I used the little plug under neath the gearbox 馃槚
Arrow below pointing to the plug in question.
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Nothing but oil came out of the hole. However the workshop manual suggests there should be a little ball in there !
I have ordered a new ball, but if I insert the little ball as the image below, wont it just be loose in the gearbox ?
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I have driven the car since and 2nd gear seem notchy even when warm.
Should I just put up with it or pop the new ball in the hole and go from there ?

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Is it an aluminum ball that's crushed into the conical end of a threaded hole when seated to create a positive seal? Guess you won't know unless you remove the plug and notice it stuck to the plug or receive the new ball. Crushed aluminum ball seals are common for long term positive seals in aerospace applications. And my 1967 Datsun roadster used them in the brake bleeds.
Adding to this possibility, the parts diagram shows no seal gasket on the plug and seems to indicate a dished out plug interior end to accommodate the ball. Was the plug straight threaded as opposed to a tapered (sealing) thread.
Hi mate, thanks for the reply.
The plug has a straight thread. On the inside end of the plug there is a very small (probably less than a mm) dish to it. When I refitted it I used some hylomar on the threads and it has not leaked.
The ball in question is steel as I checked with a magnet :unsure:
Still thinking the ball is used as a seal. Just cause I've only seen aluminum doesn't mean steel can't be used, just watch your torque if you do use it. In my opinion, if it works and ain't leaking, leave as is and check your level periodically. Good luck.
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