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Getting a BRZ soon, need help

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What color should I get? I'm stuck between the white and royal blue? And what % tint should I get that'll look good with both colors? I'm just trying to do my studies before making the purchase.
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Normally that would depend on personal preference. I prefer bright colors for sports cars which would be WR Blue or Red. The BRZ looks great in all colors.

In the case of the 2023 BRZ, the color choice depends on luck, how far you are willing to drive to get it, how long you are willing to wait, but most importantly luck.

I got lucky and found what I wanted at the nearest dealership in 2 weeks. Others have waited a year.
When I choose my color, I wanted it to be perfect, so I was swinging from white/silver/WRB. My first choice would be silver at that time. But my dealer only have WRB and black in the coming two cars. So I chose blue. I am surprisingly satisfy with the color because I found any color as long as you don’t hate, will bring nearly same satisfaction to the car. Cuz compare to the car, color is not the true priority. Just pick any color you okay with.
I found I prefer blue even more now compare to silver. Definitely silver is great, the new gen really pulled it off, it gives more edging/contrast on the curves. But I found it a bit too clam.
Trust me, there won’t be a single regret for any color as long as you don’t naturally ‘hate’ the color you choose.
Check this video to make up your choice.
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for the tint, better to check you local policy on it. My area limited the tint with at least 70% of clear sight.
If policy is not an issue, darker always looks better imo, just don’t let it get into your night vision .
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