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i managed to find some pictures & an write up of the Greddy Scion FR-S at the meet from tune 86 enjoy the pic's...

A surprise UN-announced appearance of Scion FRS makes it's FIRST public appearance of the car on the road. (Scion version). This was the black car presented at the Scion Preview Private event last week. Today it was accompanied by Club4AG member's AE86's at the meet.

What a success! All the folks swarmed into the car almost magnetically, and there were several young folks who claimed position of expert (from reading rumors and what not on the and even the older exotic car owners simply marveled at the construction, engine layout, and other details of the car. There weren't enough of us to answer the riot of people and questions. Still, The FIRST EVER STREET outing of the FRS, complete surprise and unannounced shocked the show visitors, and lucky by-standers got a treat of seeing this occasion.

Got to operate it a bit today and thought I'd share some of the less techy side of it and concentrate on the intrinsic of what is special...

I didn't get to go no more than to feel the clutch, steering, shift linkages, and brakes. But let me tell you, within just a few dozen yards of this car, even before the full around the block. OMG...!!

The steering feel is on the heavy side like a proper sports car, possibly VERY communicative at speed, the clutch pedal stroke is almost a dead clone of the AE86, triple pedal layout is spot on for heel and toe, the engine response is about as good as my 20V blackhead on Freedom ECU, seat position against vehicle controls were akin to what most of us place with a low-bracket aftermarket seats in the AE86, the cabin engine noise is effectively orchestrated by Yamaha, Subaru and Toyota working on a epic concert, just as defined as my LFA ride experience just a day before this.

Also I need to note that the front A pillar is really similar to the LFA, and front window raked about the same from the inside. Lots of headroom. I'm 5-10 and you can see from the photo, I have a lot left in headroom. I think anyone up to 6-2 or so will fit fine with a helmet, thanks to the very low seating position. The OEM bucket seat is spectacular! It may be a bit tight at the shoulder bolsters for the widest of folks, but for me it seemed tailored to my shoulders.

Shift linkage is very short throw for an OEM box with perhaps 4 inch travel from 3rd-4th at the top of the shift lever. The shift feel is nothing I have felt in a Toyota-Aisin box before, its as precise and firm as a brand new BMW M3.

I first bent in butt-first into the low seats, then holding the steering wheel, I swung over my feet over the rather wide side sills. (I can see the structural rigidity just by looking at these sills) It's a VERY low seating position. Once I adjusted my seat via slider and recliner, I noticed everything else just seem to fall right where I needed it. Pretty close to a modified AE86 race ****pit seating position. Firm seats hold you snug at the thigh, and shoulders, where it counts the most for tactile feel of the road. The ritual needed to ingress/egress is pretty special, and you really get a sense of the fact that you are climbing in and out of a sports car, again similar to getting into an LFA.

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frameless doors, deff came from a subaru design! this car seem less and less toyota every time i look at it...
Yup! A lot of Subaru inspiration here. I guess the few automotive media outlets that reported Toyota needing Subaru for a project like this was onto something.

Anyone know what kind of wheels are on this Greddy FR-S? They look like some sort of BBS wheel to me.
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