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Hey guys,

Looking at buying a used Subaru BRZ. Found one online for a good price, pulled the CARFAX report and found it was declared a total loss. Obviously, a HUGE RED FLAG, but this where things get weird and why I am coming for your advice.

The car has had two owners. The previous owner had the car declared a total loss. This happened in another state. Now the car is with the second owner and titled in a different state. When I provide the VIN to the Subaru dealer they say they see a "clean title" on their no salvage title. When I provide the VIN to my auto insurance agent they say I am able to get full coverage.

WTF is going on? I'm not a hugely experienced auto guy, so I am not sure how to interpret this. The seller seems to be a straight shooter and acknowledges everything I have included in this post. He says his title is not salvage, he is getting full auto coverage, and he has had no problems with the vehicle. He has also agreed to allow me get the car inspected by anyone I choose. The photos of the car make it seem to be in great condition. I have not test drove this yet.

Any insight?
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