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76 Y.o. Retired Mechanical Engineering from Elizabethtown. I currently own an '18 Forester XT and a '19 Crosstrek (2L). I bought the XT to replace our 2008 Forester bc we gave it to our granddaughter. It now has 230K miles. I owned a '78 DL Subaru Wagon. Guess I really am a Subaru Fanboy. The XT is my wife's. I am planning on trading or selling my '19Crosstrek in Feb. and ordering the BRZ. The BRZ looks fantastic. I waited till now to get it bc I thought it would be dropped or upgraded. If dropped I would just do without. Its not hard to see why it performs the way it does. And frankly the addition of the Turbo would have turned me off. Simpler and cheaper. The Turbo on the XT though has little turbo lag. Subaru knows what they are doing. Amazing how a small company can innovate so well. The only upgrades to are a 20mm rear stabilizer bar and the WeatherTech window deflectors.

I already belong to the sister forums to this ( and I will upgrade to premium member when/if I get the BRZ. Hopefully I can contribute to the content of the forum. I have reasonable experience with vehicles including a good bit on lubrication (part of my former working life).

I look forward to learning the ins and outs of the BRZ. Possibly there will be too many "outs". The wife isn't thrilled with the new purchase. She feels it it is too small.. Compared to the Forester...yea...I used to get on the BMW forum and it was funny to hear them make excuses as to why the BMW did not make a boxer engine which is clearly superior in terms of weight and especially the AW Symmetrical Drive..

I am also a firearm instructor....for what its worth.

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