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Hello everyone. I've lurked around this forum before but now am finally buying my own car. I'm 19 and have reached the point of financial independence, woo!

I've wanted a BRZ since it first came out (about the time I started driving) so that's what I'll be purchasing. I'm asking for some advice specifically on buying a used BRZ, but also more generally about buying a car at all.

So with that said, what should I know before buying a used BRZ? What should I look out for, what should I ask the owner, etc.? I know I want a Limited model with a manual transmission. What problems do many BRZ's have that I should make sure are dealt with, and at what mileage do these common issues occur?

On buying a car at all; I know people haggle when buying cars, so should I try to negotiate the price down as best I can when buying it from a dealer or private party? I'm trying to find one for less than $20,000 which I think is possible (there are like 4 on autotrader that fit this description and are close enough right now), but if the price is stated at $22,000 or something like that would I have a good shot of getting it down another $2,000? Also do I pay taxes on the purchase or does the seller do that? I'm going to be taking a 12 month loan to pay for it and I should be able to get a pretty good rate because I'm making a lot of money and my parents can cosign who are very wealthy.

TLDR: What advice do you have for a 19 year old buying his first car?

Thanks guys!

EDIT: New question. Right now I'm driving a car my parents own, and that they are paying the insurance for. If I paid for a BRZ myself, would I be able to get it on my parents' insurance? It would probably be cheaper that way. I don't have any accidents, and have only received one ticket (speeding) a couple years ago which I got off my record by going to traffic school.
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