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Hi BRZ fans,
I'm 76 yo and live in south FL. Had some sporty cars in the past, (2) 300ZX TT's 91 + 95. Had (4) Corvettes 93, 99, 2006, 2008. Followed up with '09 Mazdaspeed 3, then a 2008 Saab Turbo X. Then came small Cadillacs. A 2011 CTS coupe manual followed by (3) ATS turbo manuals '13, '16, '18 coupe.
This time I wanted something smaller and with great handling for fun. Ordered a '22, December 1st, manual of course, and am waiting to start enjoying this car.
Can't manage ever to keep things stock so I will be looking to see what is offered for this model. Had E85 conversions done on all my cars since 2007 and that along with a tune will probably be my first choice.
Looking forward for advice and experience with the BRZ and can't wait for the arrival.
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