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New Member - 2023 BRZ Magnetite Grey

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G'day everyone, I'm from Kooralbyn, a little village about an hour from Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
After a long 6 month wait, I took delivery of my Magnetite Grey BRZ on the 29th of April and am putting in the mileage to 'run in' a.s.a.p. to really begin enjoying this car!
Having turned 67 this month, I am probably the most senior owner of the BRZ or member in this forum.
So far, I can already tell that this car is gonna be lots a' fun!
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your purchase. There are a lot of us older BRZ owners. I suspect the ratio of older owners will continue to increase as the kids want the technology and automatic. They even prefer the practicality of 4 doors (darn kids). I was specifically looking for a 2 door, rear wheel drive, drivers car.

Enjoy your new BRZ
Never too old to drive a fun car. What I can recall, about 10 years ago when I was living in Winnipeg, one of my neighbour is a lady who has a quite dedicate life style. Her garden is always neat and clean, she has a white cat with black tail. And she drove a Pontiac sport car every single day, but I couldn’t recognize the model. And guess what, she was 93 at that time. Such a nice lady, I quite miss her.
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